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The path appears, but I just want a nap
Previous | Next by adrienne 18 July, 2003 - 6:31 AM

During my appointment yesterday with my advisor I discovered that he'd recommended me for a position with the Judicial Ethics committe in Annapolis. It's an internship, but the duties include drafting legislation, which is a big job.

He kept saying how great it would be for me, and how I was such a good student and should do really well. It's true, I am a generally good student, but I got the feeling he was forgetting a key point of distinction in my bid for this job...My Ethics. Here's some background: I have a stellar GPA, kept it above 3.6 for the duration, but I do have one bad grade marring my record. I got a D in Ethics. A solid D. No question, that's the grade I earned. It's not that I'm unethical, I just had better things to smoke that semester than Socrates. So this is a problem. So I'm being recommended for a job whose only real requirement is that I be an ethical girl, and they have no way of knowing what kind of ethics I have. If they hire me, do I really want to work there? What kind of standards would they be adhering to?

7/18/2003 >> Casey

Maybe your advisor is smarter than you think. Maybe he thinks what you need is a better understanding of ethics to be the superhero he sees inside you.

7/21/2003 >> ben

job or loans? for now, i think that's a simple enough question?

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