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What have I got to do to convince you people that I'm not a sock puppet?
Previous | Next by adrienne 24 July, 2003 - 9:35 AM

Since I've moved out of the lab and into the office I've become a persona-non-grata as far as productivity is concerned: I have only been in this position for awhile so I don't know the whole score, and I'm done in a month so I don't really care about keeping my job through motivation and other silly, energy consuming, things.

And since both Boss and BOSS are gone for the next few days different people have been asking me to do things that are outside of my usual, albeit very small, task-circle. I do not like this. I cannot do certain things (like forge Boss' signatures on credit card receipts) that they want me to do. I will not do other things (i.e. order mice for 'mouse-fusion' project) that have been outlawed before the Boss departure.
Do they think that I'm stoopid? Or maybe just irresponsible? Or possibly a repeat felon who doesn't mind the rep? Maybe they think that since I won't be working here that much longer the Feds will have a tougher time finding and later prosecuting me?
The worst part is that even after I've said, "No" in a very clear, loud voice they still stand next to my chair, reading over my shoulder whatever's on the screen, blabbing in my ear about why I should perform their request. Why I should abandon what little knowledge I have of protocol and ethics and do their bidding.
This does not make it any more likely that I will comply. It just makes me moody.
And for chrissakes learn some mother-f***in English.

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