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a must read for all
Previous | Next by ben 01 August, 2003 - 8:10 AM

from the wrangle: a new look at time

supposedly, in this paper, the author answers some of the major paradoxes (achilles vs. the turtle and Zeno) concerning our understanding of time...

i'm going to write a LOT more on this in a bit, but i have to work on work right now... don't let me forget.

ralph!?! you breathing?

8/1/2003 >> Casey

Nice pick Ben. One of the coolest articles I've read in a long time.

8/1/2003 >> Casey

that is, <paradox>long time</paradox>

8/3/2003 >> rich

I got on slashdot with this. score... hehehe

8/4/2003 >> ben


a long time ago on a coast far far... wait a sec...

i took a class at 'SC called "Epistemology and Metaphysics" and one of the topics we dealt with (with which i had the most fun) was matter sub-strata, or the basic blocks of what determined matter as being matter and kept it distinct from other matter...

one of these, i determined, was position in both time and space... relative to all other objects. basically... anything that can be called "itself" is always in a place in time, and relative to when else it was...

this has to do with the possibilities of teleportation and time travel, on a purely metaphysical level, but it lays down a working groundwork that allows time, and really any movement, to exist in space... as it were...

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