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back from outer space
Previous | Next by erato 13 August, 2003 - 7:27 AM

hi everyone! don't know if anyone's noticed but i've been off the site for a few weeks. the dr. put me on a partial bed-rest and off work for 2 weeks. this basically meant, i didn't *have* to have computer contact. so me being the non-internet junkie outside of work, i didn't partake even in

anyhow, i'm back at work now. the company has taken me up part-time and without using any sick or vacation days at that! i'm pretty impressed with adesa and their benefits. so far, they've made me a happy person.

well, i just wanted to give ppl an update. i'm fine, the babies are fine, they're just watching me extra close so i don't go into pre-term labor.

8/14/2003 >> erato

actually it's none of the above. my cervix is thin so they've been watching it closely cause if i start to dialate all hell will break loose. not hell, but it will be a little harder to keep them in longer.

8/14/2003 >> ben

i've been waiting for so long to hear about your cervix... hehehehe.

seriously though, i hope it goes well... and keep on resting, maybe we'll get you one of those webTV things, hehehe.

8/14/2003 >> erato

i knew you were dying to hear about it! :P

8/14/2003 >> erato

btw- skip the webtv, how bout adding the starz value pack to my directv subscription! i can NOT wait to get the directv back. only 8 more days and counting!

8/14/2003 >> ben

i think hbo and cinemax are better... though maybe not for children...

although... wasn't it hbo who had babar after nick got rid of him?

8/15/2003 >> erato

have nbo and cinemax now. i'd much rather have starz back. hbo gets only 1 new movie every 3 months and cinemax just plays crap. imho

8/15/2003 >> ben

ahh, i think we both see the grass as greener, hehehe.

my friend peter5 has some service with cable channels to his computer... that's pretty nifty, i think... since i have a computer, and no tv... grin

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