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Birthday Update.
Previous | Next by adrienne 14 August, 2003 - 9:34 AM

I naver thought I'd live this long. Kind of wish I hadn't.

I had sex. Not good sex,but sex none the less. So I woke up smiley...and it all went downhill from there.
Bob Evans forgot my syrup. It was take-out. That sucked but I was getting over it.
I had to go to school and take a test. That sucked but it was necessary.
My car's AC broke. That sucked but I was dealing, windows down.
Car overheated. Had to turn on the HEAT! It's frickin 150 farenheit out there with an air consistency similar to soup. That sucked, but it gets worse, so now the previous incidents don't seem so suckey. Pressing on with the story: Since my head was turning beet red and was threatening to pop off, I put the full force on the floor vent. Soon after that I realized a 'funny' smell was emanating from that area....the heater had catalyzed what is now my calling card du jour, on my feet. The frickin cat pissed in my shoe and there is NO way to hide that smell now that it's been released. I took my foot out, lo and behold, the foot smells like cat piss as well. I'm attracting tomcats in a five block radius, kids.
I could see the humor in all this, really I could, but it gets even WORSE! How you ask? Injury, I say. I clotheslined myself getting out of the frickin car. My work badge caught on the seat of the fricking car and I went head first backwards into the frame. Its hurtey.
So this is why I say to you all: I never thought I'd make it to 25 and now I wish I'd skipped it. Or perished.
Praise the Lord and pour me a drink, cause my very bad mood has been elevated to giddy depression.

8/14/2003 >> ralph

dren, don't sweat it at all. the goo lord has put these obstacles in your path for a reason, probably to make you appreciate how your birthday is going to end. Hopefully, it'll end on the highest note possible. Once again, I'd like to wish you the happiest of happy birthdays, you know we all love you.

Praise Jesus and Happy Birthday to Dren!!!!

8/14/2003 >> ralph

just do me a favor and stay in Philly and not drive home?

8/14/2003 >> ralph

my thoughts exactly

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