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Previous | Next by ben 25 August, 2003 - 10:52 AM

so i was telling pyrex about this, and after complaining that none of you people seem to like to comment on most of my posts, and he said it was because the stuff i say just "is" and there isn't much to opine upon (even though i disagree) i thought i would talk about this... since there is a lot to opine about here...

i've been having these little flashes of bits of pieces of memories from nights out when i was at 'SC... the most recent in my mind was when i was with a rather new irish acquaintance at a house of a friend of his (don't let this taint you, what i'm about to describe happens regardless of the company i'm in). we were drinking outside, pretty late at night, starting at about 1 or 2 a.m., and continuing until i think morning. periodically through the night, i kept getting feelings about how the 3 (or sometimes 4) of us were mentally in completely different places... i was, as is my wont, being very interested in the newness of the situation, my friend was wanting to play games, and the third guy, who's house we were in, wanted to partake of more mentally impairing substances, as long as there were some to imbibe.

i get these feelings a lot... sitting in a group of 3 or more, it's quite often that 2 of the 3 people are in completely different states of mind... focusing on different things, pressing points that the other parties just aren't paying enough attention to understand.

i most often notice this when one or more members of the group are somehow impaired, usually through alcohol, though it isn't necessary to the entertainment... does it seem odd to anyone else that though we are a naturally gregarious society, the basic individuality of our psyches makes it so difficult to be socially cohesive? it seems, one on one as my brother would put it, we do fine, we are focused on each others' thoughts, we pay attention and react... in a group we splinter however, and that seems very interesting to me.

8/25/2003 >> xtheowl

I may be the first to observe this of you, Ben - you remind me more than a little of Zorba the Greek...that is a good thing from where I come from...I believe group disinterest is a kind of a social protective device one employs when one feels inferior in some way to the alpha male/female in the setting...just a thought (okay, two)

8/25/2003 >> ben

* my 2nd mud character's name was Abroz... odd how few people got that...

where are you from x? may i call you x? the EAmember formerly known as ?

i don't know if it's so much disinterest as interest in something completely different... but i'm not sure


sure, you can take up as much space as you want though, in replying to me... the more you actually say, the better (which is why i kind of miss spike... he made me more interested in discussions than anyone shy of render (who, sadly, i think, doesn't come here any more either)...

2) i think computers do the opposite for many people... the internet at least (which is what, more and more, people are using computers for) allows people to interact in a 2ndary form, so they don't have to be interrupted and such (except in chat rooms of course).

8/26/2003 >> xtheowl

I hail from Penn's Woodlands and currently stake my claim in the Land of Mary...a few aboard in Maryland, it appears...wish I had more time during the day to smack around the keyboard here...

I am (somehow) reminded of Stalin's quote - "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic"

8/26/2003 >> ben

i think you'll fit in just fine here... hehe

most of us are in the baltimore area. and by most of us i mean myself and adrienne... hehehe. we might someday even have enough for an group, hahaha

8/26/2003 >> pyrex

Does that mean I'll have to fly another 6,000 miles? Cooool.

8/27/2003 >> Whisky

uh oh, ben is whining again (oh I can just hear the ever-so-serious protest now "I was not whining, I was just saying...")

Maybe its time to superpout. I seem to remember a skinny little dork harassing me with some "Its time to superpout" song once in college, and man did I want to smack the shit out of him.... Why ben, did I never smack the shit out of you?

Seriously though, what the hell are you talking about? At whose house did your 'SC story take place? I seem to have an awful lot of memories of you being drunk at 3am at 'SC and you being in a completely different mental place than everyone else. And using your outside voice inside. Again.

9/4/2003 >> ben

what was i whining about? where when?

i was hanging out with Eli and the irish dudes

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