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Previous | Next by pyrex 04 September, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Ok.. well.. guess what. Right after I get disconnected when talking to Ben, a storm came. I unplugged everything. Main house alarm said "error me no get power", plugged the extension that was on, was about to move alarm to own socket instead of extension with computer, screen, etc, but i had to answer a cellphone message first. i send the message, and a second later KABAM! lightning strikes like powerline outside or something. computer busted (me hope and suspect it only power box), and screen's busted too (probably power overload), house alarm went off for a second, printer barfed out an empty page. so now computer no go, screen no go, alarm i think lost sound capability..... grr. and maybe modem fucked too, but still have this crappy one until adsl comes. I just have to say; fuck.

Update: well, the alarm seems to be ok except that the sound coming out of it is kinda scratchy. heh, i almost set it off when i was fiddling with resetting the date. other than that, I don't really know what's up with the computer. the fuse in the power-box thing seems fine, so it might have skipped over that and screwed the transformer, or the whole powerbox, or whatever you call it. and the monitor.. well i opened it yesterday to find jumbled up electronics i didn't want to touch. couldn't find any fuse in there.. any know if monitors have fuses in them? and another thing that confuses me is the label on the powerbox/transformer in the computer.. is says 230V~ but isn't it usually 220V? aye. someone help me. i need a cheap solution to this and a 'give-in-to-expensive-shop-and-probably-get-swindled' is my last resort. would be nice with a new screen tho.. *sigh* whee..

9/6/2002 >> muhgcee

First piece of advice: While I know next to nothing about electricity, I have heard from several sources that it is a really bad idea to open up your monitor. Evidently, the capacitors in there hold their power for a very long time and hold a lot of juice, so you could kill yourself if you touched something the wrong way.

As for your computer, it is supposed to be at 230V. You might be able to get away with just buying a new power supply for it and have everything work. If you do not usually work on computers, it shouldn't be too hard anyway. Look at how many Watts the power supply is rated for, and get a new one that is rated the same. When it comes in, just quickly notice how everything is connected, quite easy to replace it. But, everything in your computer might be fried because everything is connected to the power supply. But it is worth a shot. If it does work again, definatly buy a good surge protector; they have insurance on those things so even if they do let a surge fuck up your computer you can get them to pay for it.

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