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Previous | Next by pyrex 18 November, 2003 - 12:08 AM

Ok, this is kinda scary. Right now I'm obviously online, connected as usual, but not actually doing anything with the connection. No games running, no P2P going on, but the lights on my modem are still flashing like crazy. Something must be using my connection for something or other. Anyone know of any way to monitor what processes are using a connection?

11/18/2003 >> pyrex

Update: Ok, so, I still had some settings on regarding sharing the connection (from a small LAN thing 2 weeks or so ago). De-activated that, now it stopped. Still, would be interesting to montior which program's using what.

11/18/2003 >> ben

i love montioring things... it's wheetastic, hehe

11/18/2003 >> C Mo

Zone Alarm will tell you what tries to access the internet. The activiity light still flashes sometimes even if nothing is going on. It could be getting a firmware upgrade from the tftp server on the cable modem network, or someone there could just be monitoring it or pinging it.

Does your computer answer up to ping? If so someone could be scanning your ports or pinging you to find a way in. The traffic could be coming from the outside too.

11/19/2003 >> C Mo

My cell phone went plunk, into the Chesapeake, but after it dried out(and I replaced the battery) it worked fine again.

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