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Someone is doing it right...
Previous | Next by Septimus 17 December, 2003 - 3:50 AM

Yemen's new anti-terror strategy actually makes a bit of sense (IMHO) What do you think?

12/17/2003 >> ben

I think that's a terribly written article.

Having one short sentence a paragraph gave me no cadence whatsoever.

But i like the idea of talking out the issue to people.

The phrase "a little bit of intelligence is a dangerous thing" comes to mind.

Though they were pretty vague as to what exactly they're doing, other than using the Koran.

12/17/2003 >> Casey

Ya, The article left me a little too hungry for more details. Superficially, ya, it makes sense to me that if you are dealing with extermists who have only read the Koran and respect only Sharia law, then hell ya, use those very same tools to convert them from terrorists into diplomats.

12/17/2003 >> Casey

"extermists" Freudian typo?

12/17/2003 >> Septimus

I don't think anyone's ever accused the BBC of being good writers. The only thing British with good cadence is John Cleese.

12/17/2003 >> rich

Yes I agree with Ben. The only thing that annoys me more the lack of capitalization, rampant on the web, is frequent use of one sentence paragraphs. I think Yahoo News and/or AP newswire is the worst offender of this.

12/17/2003 >> Septimus

Wow... So out of 5 posts, 1.5 relate to the content of the story and the rest (rightly) bash the authors style, or lack there of. Does this mean that form is now more important then content?

12/17/2003 >> ben

well, as casey said and i alluded to... there wasn't much content there, though you were right, the idea is good.

for lack of anything to talk about, we griped about the the form, because, well, we're on the internet, it's for complaining... hehehe

12/18/2003 >> Septimus

Complaining? On the internet? I've never heard of such a thing!

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