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Previous | Next by pyrex 21 September, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Well, hanging out at my old school with a friend. It's 2:14 AM. I'm gonna help him write an essay on some book I've never read. I fell asleep at 4:30 AM yesterday and woke up at 8. I think I have some kind of insomnia. There's all these things in my life I think about when I try to fall asleep.. that's when everything catches up. And some of these things are.. unfinished to say the least. They require clearing up. But I lack the energy/courage to face up to them.. This results in me twisting and turning with the constant thought of just forgetting about sleep and staying up the whole night. Ugh.. I really don't know what to do.

On a completely different random thought, I enjoy being up at the early hours; when the world slowly shifts into gear in the morning light and the wheels of the universe start churning for another day. Like today, or rather yesterday, when I was on my way to my old school, I was the only on the bus between my stop and the one before. Walking across the campus not a sound could be heard and not a person was there to be seen. The air was cold and sharp, and the sky was bright blue with whisps of white clouds thinning across it.

Ok, I should probably stop writing here while this lack of sleep slowly takes control of me.. oh whee indeed.

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