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oh noes! i've been teh f1r3D!!11!1!
Previous | Next by pyrex 26 January, 2004 - 3:22 AM

Yeehaw, fired at last! Well.. Kinda. Half-ass fired? Something like that.

So yeah, at the beginning of last December I got a mail from my boss saying that starting next year ('04) my duties as webmaster for the research division's website would be undertaken by an "in-house" PhD student. This caught me sort of off-guard. Only sort of because I had also kind of been expecting something to kick me in the back of my head when I wasn't looking right around that time.

So I send back a sombre reply asking to meet my boss and have a face-to-face talk about the situation.

About two weeks pass without a reply from him, so I mail him again. I know he's a very, very busy man and my Zen-like patience had no trouble with waiting him out (whilst going to work now and then to sit around, do nothing, get paid for it).

Christmas comes and goes, the new year gets ushered in. January arrives and I start coming in less and less, fearing a covert ninja attack more and more everytime I set foot in the office. During this time I also find out that apparently a memo had been sent out to everyone (woohoo, except me) informing them of the imminent overtaking of webmaster duties.

After a week or two of more waiting and only popping in occassionally to attend to minimal tasks I mail him again (today) and FINALLY get a response. After only an hour or so this time.

He sort of repeated what he had said earlier, but this time I got some explanation. Basically, I think, he sugar coated the reason for my half-assed termination with some very poor explanations.

So this almost two-month long cloud of confusion finally lifts and I'm left having to 'assist' the PhD student (who I doubt knows a thing about the whole deal) from time to time. She has been "delegated to give you tasks worth 40 hours during the year". Wow. 3 hours a month? Gee, thanks boss!

Oh well, I'm glad I'm finally done with this. It was my first real job, and originally I was only supposed to be onboard for 2 weeks, but that extended to a year, got involved in some other smaller projects, etc. etc. It was nice (not really that fun, though) while it lasted, but the end fucking sucked.

I could go on babbling, but I don't think I'll do that here.

So, anyone know someone who could use a web/graphic designer? ^_^

Sorry for ranting, I usually don't, but thanks for reading!

1/26/2004 >> ben

seriously, that was the longest post you've ever done, awesome.

and you got a lot of warning, too

1/26/2004 >> pyrex

Aye, something like that would be handy. The ninjas are always watching.

And yes, state-side is of course being considered. But what I really want to do is get my life into some kind of order, figure out what the fuck I'm gonna do with my life. Like study something. But I just can't figure out what. Gah.

1/26/2004 >> muhgcee

I am looking for someone to design my site for free. The pay isn't very good though.

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