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Previous | Next by ben 03 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

So I guess I told one or two people, but I’m starting to do some working for the IA department here at work.   And by IA department I mean one guy who’s entirely overworked.   Any who, I figure this is a good way to use some of the skills I learned in my logic classes at USC.  Also, I’ve decided to start writing these posts in M$Word’s wysiwyg editor. Interesting that it doesn’t like wysiwig. Wysiwig wysiwig wysiwig wysiwig… I’m a sucker for the squiggly red lines, hehehe.  I was going to use this site: as a site of the week, cause it’s so damn cool, but the java applet for getting the moving pictures is one big damn memory hog.   After a few minutes of watching a hurricane my computer slowed to the speed of molasses.   In January. Going uphill.   So that’s enough of that, right? No, diphthong that I am, I go back and visit the site four more times today.   Great for productivity, let me tell you, grin.

I’m not going to post this weekend, I don’t think. I will be busy trying to learn all of this wondrous IA stuff, which is, whether you think it is or not, really cool.   All kinds of stuff involved in it that I think I would be pretty good at.   But enough about that… you guys don’t respond to my truly interesting remarks anyway… must try to be more… combustible… hehe.   Inflammatory, damn, that was the word I spent two minutes staring at the screen trying to find.    Damn, I really am tired aren’t i?   well, I’m off for the weekend, you all play nice while I’m not here, ok?

10/4/2002 >> rich

You know maybe it is just my lack of memory 4 days after I stop working for the company, but let me be the first to ask. What is the IA department? Not QA... nah... you would not talk positively about that.

10/6/2002 >> ben

Mike Lee... he is the IA department, hehe

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