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I had a great subject line but forgot it / general blah
Previous | Next by pyrex 29 March, 2004 - 1:40 PM

Wow. What an annoying, funky, weird trip.

Recently I've been screwing around ("don't screw around, you're screwing around too much") with my computer. It's an aged P3 666MHz, 256 RAM, 20GB + 30GB harddrive, integrated sound (now using an ancient Aureal Vortex 1.0 card), nVidia TNT2 32MB.

So, I decided to mess with the video card.

First, I borrowed a GeForce4 MX card from a friend to replace my ageing TNT2. It worked fine except at bootup, when it would beep four times and force me to reboot between two and six times. Then last saturday a friend of mine donated a Radeon 9200 128MB VIVO card. I was thrilled. I knew my old RAM and processor would bottleneck the performance, but hey, a Radeon makes you feel invincible.

I thought "damn, that's cool" and went about my business, not wanting to take on any of the latest games. However, even my regular tasks of watching Winamp video streams were promptly shattered. I would load a stream, make it fullscreen, move the mouse to display the play/stop controls and BAM the entire computer would freeze.

"Dag yo,", I thought, "but oh well. A small price to pay for otherwise excellent performance."

So I wanted to revisit some classics that had, to say the least, underperformed on my TNT2. I installed Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and booted it up. No problems in the menu screen and loading but then *click*, another complete freeze. Oh well yet again. Installed Quake 3 plus its latest patch. Boot it up.. and....... *Click*, once again. Reboot to find a couple of the Quake 3 files corrupted.


Out of boredom and not being able to play anything I decided to watch a Winamp vid stream again but not make it fullscreen. I increased the size of the video container just a bit and *click*. Slam desk, throw away mouse, flip keyboard over, curse at screen, hit reboot.

Windows XP loading up.. Black screen with white cursor.. Total freeze. Automatic reboot.

Tried several versions of safe mode without being able to get online and re-install the ATI Catalyst drivers. Big sigh, have a drink, re-install TNT2.

That brings us back to where I am. I know all my problems may be the result of a combination of problems ranging from my crappy combo of ageing hardware to a badly manufactured Radeon, but OH. WELL. All I'm waiting for is my mainboard to go thermo-nuclear, heehee!

3/29/2004 >> rich

heat... it is a heat problem. find a better cooler for your GPU and/or whole system. $20 - $40 of fans might do you a world of good

3/30/2004 >> ben

i believe him...

and newegg rocks

3/30/2004 >> macb103

yeah sound like a heat issue (also with all the screwing you have been doing are all ur bios settings right that could also becausing some undue heat problems)

3/30/2004 >> pyrex

Heh, shoulda known since the exact same thing happened back in the day when I first discovered overclocking.

And I dunno about investing any more into this old piece 'o' junk. I'd have gotten a new system by now but I can't just yet.

3/30/2004 >> pyrex

Also, it's odd if you consider what causes my Radeon to overheat. Vid streams, older games, but not Morrowind, which is relatively new and demanding system-wise.

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