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oh how she rocks in keds and tube socks
Previous | Next by ben 06 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

yeah, it's probably not a good idea to listen to "shine on you crazy diamond" and "wish you were here" at 7 a.m. on your way to work after not sleeping very well the night before, despite having taken some painkillers for your compacted teeth being shoved around because of one stubborn wisdom tooth that just insists on coming in through the side window instead of straight up from the basement like everyone else. makes driving through the pylon and into the bay not seem like such a bad idea. but your humble narrator resisted the urge, dear readers, for the promise of relief later on. meaning i'm going home tonight to a hot cup of green tea and a long nap. i hope.
on a related note, oxycontin does not help mouth pain much... it just makes your muscles too weak to hold up a book that you're trying to read because you can't get to sleep. the lovely and vivacious robin has made me a very happy man, for more reason than one. the point i share with you all this day is that she has promised rush tickets. yes folks, the band, the prog rock canadian gods of guitar, bass and drums. poof i say damnit.
oh yeah, and the new 2003 models are out, porshe really did make an suv... sorry muhgcee.

10/7/2002 >> sarah

oh my. i'm sooooo sorry abt. your teeth. my wisdom teeth were also impacted, so i feel your pain. ouch doesn't even come close....

10/8/2002 >> muhgcee

Porsche made an SUV? *barf*

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