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seeking people who work in and are interested in working in public libraries
Previous | Next by sarah 08 April, 2004 - 8:26 AM

I'm conducting a survey about how library paraprofessionals and
librarians view the role of computer technology provided for patrons in
public libraries.

If any of you currently work, have worked, or intend to work in a public
library, I'd appreciate it if you could take my survey. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete.

Also if you have friends and/or family who work in a public library,
please pass it along. And if you have any questions please feel free to
e-mail me at aspiringlibrarian(at)yahoo(dot)com.

4/8/2004 >> sarah


very cool. thanks.

4/8/2004 >> xtheowl

I do not work at but I AM at a library right now in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I will talk to the librarians about this (except for the one with the floating eye, she's scary) *looks over shoulder*

4/8/2004 >> sarah

you guys rule. it's pretty amazing, so far everyone that i've spoken with about this survey has been incredibly helpful. *knocks on wood*

4/8/2004 >> pyrex

That's because we all love you! :-3

4/8/2004 >> sarah

awwww! (^_^)

4/8/2004 >> ben

pff.. he just wants more cookies... hehehe

4/8/2004 >> pyrex

Teh cooki3s are teh yum. :-3

I've been using that smiley too much lately, hehe.

4/8/2004 >> chuk

what is that, the cleft palate smiley?

4/8/2004 >> pyrex

I really do not know. The 3 seems to add a.. um.. cat-like property, so maybe it has some ties to the cleft palate, hehe. Kawaii? :-P

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