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The changes, they do nothing!
Previous | Next by pyrex 15 April, 2004 - 11:01 AM

In line with our latest tune-ups and various fixinations, I'm proud to present the latest work on my front, i.e. the design.

So here ya go, the latest concept image. Anyone have some feedback for me?

4/15/2004 >> ralph

none of the links work and you've got some type of weird double posting bug...

4/15/2004 >> ralph

j/k....looks good, man. I like it.

4/15/2004 >> xtheowl

wow...I guess, sort of in word-association mode, I would first say: OPEN

4/15/2004 >> pyrex

Ralph: thanks.. If you have any suggestions or changes you want made, just tell me. And that goes for everyone.

X: Um.. I'm not totally sure I follow you. :-3

4/15/2004 >> sarah

i'm using Mozilla firebird (i think there's now a newer version of firebird available so i'm not on the very latest version of the browser) to view, and i'm on a mac. from what i see i like the colors and the design very much, however the text is so narrow that's its difficult to read. perhaps if the background were something darker than white or if you altered the font it would make a difference. the headings though looking fine for the most part, although the sections that say "link-o-matic" for instance are also a bit difficult to read

otherwise looks nice. i really like the color scheme

4/15/2004 >> sarah

it's a little bit better using the camino beta

4/15/2004 >> pyrex

Tack så mycket, Sarah, for the feedback.

The text of the posts will look different, oh yes, as the image provided was just what I put together in Photoshop, and the text formatting in there isn't quite as flexible as it can get with HTML and CSS magic. I'll be playing with that quite a bit. I was wondering, how's the text in this, the current design?

As for the link-o-matic and below, I may want to keep it that way for the sake of design continuity.

And whee!

4/15/2004 >> ralph

pyrex, I use both firefox and opera at home and things look fine to me. i'm on a pc though, so maybe that has something to do with it. The text on the regular version is fine, looks the same as it does in IE.

4/15/2004 >> ralph

you know what? the nav bar at the top (blatherings, archives, features, etc) is a bit tough to read. May want to increase the font size a bit or change it.

4/15/2004 >> rich

were we going to try to do cam thumb nails toward the bottem on the right hand bar?
I thought I heard something about that

4/15/2004 >> pyrex

The nav text is intentionally tiny, either you're getting old or running at a huge resolution :-P But I'll see if I can find some alternative.

Cam thumbs, haven't heard a thing. I think that'd be a bit redundant for the front page, but if Ben's ok with it I guess we could open a cam page.

4/15/2004 >> sarah

so i just tried it in firefox on my own mac (i was in the comp lab before - no firefox :( just firebird) and it looks fine and isn't really difficult to read at all. lemme try in safari...a little bit difficult to read in safari and the nav bar is really hard to read. definately the light grey where the date and such is the very light grey hurts to read.

4/15/2004 >> pyrex

Checked the lighting/contrast settings and gamma settings on the machine you use? I see the grey clearly defined. Weirdness.

4/15/2004 >> sarah

i did have my screen dimmed a bit. now that i've brightened it up it's a bit better, but i have the brightness maxed out. my eyes are also shit...

4/16/2004 >> xtheowl

Pete - I meant, like, you knocked down the office walls and made an open office environment

Sorry for being El Cryptico

4/16/2004 >> Casey

I don't like the new font either. I like the one we're using now.

4/16/2004 >> ben

i had an idea, if no one has a problem with this...

i was looking at the right side and how we have so little real estate over there... and would anyone object to pyrex making the Link-o-matic and 10 latest comments expand when you click the + sign to the right of them? of course, for our gracious host, rich, i wouldn't suggest we hide his "rich recommends" but for my stuff, i'm down with this.

i only ask, because so many of you mentioned you used macs and various and sundry browsers, and i am not sure how much javascript these things all support. for an example of what i'm talking about, check out the design for whiteford, taylor and preston (llp even!) i put that design on (of course, i didn't do it, except for helping with the news scroller - i just did the back end)... and i like the mousey overy thingy.

i think i was doing rather well there until the end...

4/16/2004 >> ben

that was just a joke on my part that i forgot about for a long time... i like the irony though, since we here at EACorp are the least like lusers on the web, hehehe

4/16/2004 >> ben

and, i may add, that pyrex's designs show a definite lean towards the simple and clean... one might even call it a proclivity.

4/16/2004 >> muhgcee

I like the webcams idea, but I think it would look the best if we got a dozen or so with pretty small thumbnails and kind of mashed them all together. Also, I am not sure about the "+" on the right side idea. I think I kind of like just being able to see them. It would work better for the Linkomatic than for Latest posts.

4/16/2004 >> ben

what about like on the spoke?

4/16/2004 >> elfie

here's a cool idea... under the "latest posts" section, you should ALSO include an indicator of some sort letting the logged-in user know if that have read said "latest posts" or not

4/16/2004 >> ben

i think that's the plan... i just didn't put it in now because there's no room

4/16/2004 >> muhgcee

Ben - yes, very much like that, maybe in more of a straight line though to save more room vertically.

4/16/2004 >> ralph

yeah, jamie, i think that's a good idea....

4/17/2004 >> pyrex

Personally I like the expanding/contracting menu idea, even if the + symbols were just intended for aesthetic purposes. The webcams however I still feel don't have anything to do with the main page, thusly should have their own section.

And yes, I at least was planning on having indicators on the "latest commented on" list.

Finally yes, I certainly hope I have a proclivity towards clean and simple design, hehe. When I started really playing with design and whatnot, the material I produced was muddled and crowded. Maybe it's my own attractiong to philosophies promoting simplicity as being the better alternative that's influenced my now preferred style. That and I probably drew a lot of inspiration from nordic design in general which tends to be very similar to my own. /end self-indulgent pondering

4/17/2004 >> ben

no fair ralph, you already asked me for that... hehehe

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