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This really helped me...
Previous | Next by macb103 20 April, 2004 - 6:40 PM

This really helped me, and I thought others may benefit:


4/21/2004 >> Casey

I stopped reading it at this line...

Never read about your problem.

4/21/2004 >> rich

seriously. Dren and I are all about the stodgy linkage rules. Although I found out what the URL was before not clicking.

4/21/2004 >> elfie

I'm all about people learning to mouse-over links before clicking them. ;-) I mean... I saw that the link was about masturbation and decided I didn't need to read it because I did not need help in that area. I'm already an expert.

4/21/2004 >> adrienne

tree pretty
fire bad

4/21/2004 >> elfie

I would just like to come out in full support of dren's random Buffy references. I don't care if nobody else cares. I care.


Fire bad.
Tree pretty.

4/21/2004 >> ben

indeed... but does the buffy reference predate the napsterbad reference? fire bad! fire bad!

4/21/2004 >> elfie

um. but you see ben, regardless of the similarity that you THINK you see.... it is indeed a buffy reference... not a napster reference.

4/21/2004 >> ben

so i'm confused, are you posting this to tell us that it helped you realize mormons are crazy, or actually stop masturbating? are you mormon or are you trying to convert mormons back to "regular" christianity, because that's what the site itself is trying to do, i think - i haven't read thoroughly enough to see if the whole site is a joke, but from the disclaimer and the root page, well, you get the idea

4/21/2004 >> macb103


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