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ghetto style
Previous | Next by ben 09 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

windshield wipers just look weird when they're put to use. watch them some time... like two antennae coming out to test the air... fwip fwip... fwip fwip... fwip fwip... it would be peaceful maybe, if they were all synchronized or something, but they just look odd with each one going at a different time...
in other news, saw the surgical oncologist yesterday, the procedure sounds interesting for what they're going to do, and will leave a couple of really cool scars, though i think i won't want to be showing them off at diving much. maybe, we'll see how they heal... don't want to be the gross old guy that kind of creeps everyone out but they're too timid or kind to say anything. and i think it would sort of put everyone off their lunch to see me rip open my abdomen on a gainer twister off of three meter. "well, we give him a seven on the dive, but a three on the entrails coming out of him, criminy, what did this guy eat?"
in the first news, i broke out my coat today for the first time, my big, black, warm, wool one, w00t. look at me with the alliteration today. have to put that to good use now, because i'm about to descend into the world of MSSQL2000 DTS packages. that is, i'm moving a bunch of old stuff into a new place, and the file cabinets are different sizes. jamie and i are practicing our metaphors for the puds of the world. his goes something like this:
"so what do you do?" "I'm a web developer," "oh, do you use front page?" "no... that's more for the design and such... if you think of a web site as a car, i build the engine."

that is all

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