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black eyelids
Previous | Next by pyrex 11 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Ok, here's the thing: I suffer from some kind of.. semi-insomnia. I'll try to describe it: when I go to bed, I lie down in the darkness and then come the thoughts. A whole medley of thoughts ranging from nostalgia to guilt to fear of not waking up early enough to other problems in my life. Usually I'll also get the thought of not getting up all, "because it's so late it's almost morning". But the thing also is this, that if I have an appointment the next day, I'll always wake up in time if I tell myself the day before that "ok, you have an appointment at this and this time, so wake up at such and such".

It can take a good 1 - 2½ hours to fall asleep. This disturbs me. Because of this problem I usually wake up around noonish. But today, for the second time (not in a row though), I awoke at 2 PM. I've tried most of the common remedies; 'natural' sleeping drugs, Ben's rather unorthodox solution, and the usual 'go to bed early and wake up early' solutions. Nothing's really worked out. I'll wake up due to one of the two (old-fashioned and mobile phone alarm) alarms going off, but I never get up when I do. Take today as an example, I woke up around 08:00, thought 'ok, half an hour more' and FOOM it's 14:00.

Maybe it's just the weather (gray, cold, and stupid) but this is really starting to piss me off. I love being awake at the early hours, watching the sun emerge, having the feeling that I'm the only one awake in my entire neighbourhood, and the such, but of course it's hard with this problem. And when I do get up, I feel guilty for getting up so late.

Does anyone have any good sleeping advice? I'd appreciate any help at all here.

10/13/2002 >> muhgcee

When I can't get to sleep, I discipline myself to find a comfy spot within 10 seconds and not move until I fall asleep. Not move at all. Even if you are thinking of something, your thoughts will generally drift from whatever you are worrying about to wishing you could scratch that itch that really isn't that bad but is made worse by not allowing yourself to move. Anyway, I am curious as to what Ben said you should do.

10/13/2002 >> pyrex

Ben's general plan: "If you go to bed at 2 AM, go to bed at 3 AM, then the next day one hour earlier, etc"

You see? I have no idea what that means. Or what it will accomplish for that matter.

Another thing with my sleeping problem is that I have a sort of.. 'window of opportunity' when I feel sleepy-tired. When this window is available I'm not sure anymore, this I have no clue as to when to go to bed :-P

10/14/2002 >> rich

I think you need to get your window fixed

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