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an overall feeling of ickiness
Previous | Next by robin 13 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Being sick sucks. I mean, I'm not like, actually ill, like with the flu or a cold or you know, cancer, but I'm just not feeling well. My allergies have decided to rear their ugly heads for the first time in what seems like years and they are taking their toll on my body and mind. Today, for example: I walk into school fine, run around like I generally do on Monday mornings (there's never a working copier when I need one) and at around second period, a headache hits me like a ton of bricks. Here it came and there I went. I was a mess for the rest of the day. What sucks so much about it is that I can't hide; I can't run away and disappear somewhere, but I have to teach. And my students, who constantly come in complaining about being tired, about having a headache, stomachache, etc, have absolutely no sympathy when they ask me what's wrong and I let them know that I have a headache and generally feel awful, but yet expect me to leave them alone when they feel like shit. Ahh, teenagers. Not that I'm here to complain, but empathy should be something that everyone has. Well, tomorrow's another day and hopefully I'll feel better.

10/22/2002 >> erato

maybe that's something that should be taught? do u think it actually could be taught or is it one of those 'inborn' things we learn as infants? Interesting concept... Exactly what would excompass teaching empathy? I think I could use a class in this sometimes (as people tell me i can be too blunt). I've tried, yet, I don't seem to get anywhere... Hmmm...

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