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there's a whale fish
Previous | Next by ben 14 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

mmm... nothing from me yesterday, i am sorry. no good excuse i suppose.
got into a discussion this weekend, hope it didn't get too personal for some, but the way i feel about it, if you're not qualified to do your job, but you're doing it... you shouldn't be doing it. if you earned by other means, say... sex... then you really shouldn't be doing it. no personal history here, it's just that i've gotten into these types of discussions before, and the most convincing argument is this: if you were caught in a fire, in your house/apartment/dwelling of choice, would you want someone there who was good at his/her job, proven and practiced, or would you want someone there whose body the battalion chief liked?
ok, i lied, personal history... if you are required to go on disability, would you want a human resourced director who knows what he/she is doing, has studied, gone through the required classes and courses, or a sexy ex-office manager who flirts with the workers and vacations with the president? hmmmmmm?
i apologize to those to whom it seemed dogged of me to pursue it to the end, but the practice is much more irritating than the theory.

on to other news... three week vacation coming up! you can all come look at the scars in a couple of weeks, i promise they'll look just dazzling. hopefully i'll get my IA book before i leave (now they're claiming 10/17 to 11/9), so i can read up, but if not, then not... maybe i'll work on a way to import and store blogs that you read every day... they are fast becoming the focus of my research for my class. ooh, there's an idea... i'll be back, enjoy today's comics.
update and he's back... spent a sort of productive day at work, turns out, if i'm very lucky, i might have work to do while i'm in the hospital. i'm hoping, right? hehehe. i read some more of the porn tales, how fun... now i think i'm going home

10/15/2002 >> pyrex

Yeah the whole unqualified to work with thing.. You know I agree with you, and my views on that, Ben.

10/16/2002 >> rich

You know the HR person at my new job also happens to have the same name. While I have not had enough time to form any opinions, I also have yet to see this woman, as she has been on vacation. So tomorrow (two weeks into my new job) she will be back and I can fill out the paper work to make sure I am a real employee, with system accounts, keys and other privligaes like a parking pass and such. Oh the joy of working, if only slightly, for other people.

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