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Previous | Next by ben 16 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

ok, my last day at work.. should be a little slow, right? nothing doing... nothing going on... updating all the sites i visit with my bank card to update my number for them... whee. so, i was going to do a drawing of what they're going to do tomorrow... but i really really suck at freehand... so i'll just try and explain. NOTE if you're squeamish, which you really shouldn't be if you come here regularly... don't read the next part.
Ok, so, first they're going to do the removal part, open up an ovular part of my leg, around the old scar, and roll the top muscle of my quadricep out of the way, making sure not to break the nerve, vein or artery (for, well, obvious reasons). then they remove the tumor, only taking about 1 or 2mm around it, because it's about 1.5cm away from the bone, so they don't want to hit that either.
here comes the cool part... then they make an incision down the middle of my stomach, going around the near side of my navel, open that up, and detach the right stomache muscle, the one that gives me my sexy six pack. they leave the part that's attached to the two blood vessels, at hip level, and flip it down, so now instead of pointing up, it points towards my foot. this is what's going to fill in the hole from where the tumour will have been (i love future perfect, and use it every chance i get!). finally, they take some of the skin from my stomach (not too much mind you), and put that on my thigh, quite cool, over all.
the whole thing takes about 4 hours, and for a while, i won't be able to do what i'm doing now, which is twitching my leg in time to the beat. sound of a funky drummer, hehehe.

10/17/2002 >> typhoid

no shit, you make it sound like fun. ;-p

10/17/2002 >> muhgcee

You should sell your tumor on eBay.

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