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an update for the readers
Previous | Next by robin 18 October, 2002 - 7:00 PM

I guess, as the only one who has seen Ben and posts, I should post. So I am. The prognosis is good. The surgery went well, although took much longer than expected...the doctors told him four hours and it took a little over eight. Nothing went wrong, just took a long time to reconnect arteries and blood vessels, etc. I'm sure when Ben is well enough to post, he'll go into details. But he's fine, although in some pain (as to be expected). Hospitals aren't very much fun, but at least he's got a TV and we watched the football game today (Go Blue...but the USC game wasn't on...boohoo for Ben)...anyways, that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend...

10/20/2002 >> pyrex

yay for posting and double yay for ben. no more cancer. no more multiple personality disorder ehe. tell ben i said WHEE! and hi and stuff. then he'll be happy. :-D

10/20/2002 >> robin

He's doing alright. I saw him today and he just slept, which is fine with me. I sat and read my book (The World According to Garp). You know, the more he sleeps and rests, the faster he's going to feel better.

10/22/2002 >> erato

Thanks for the update. Tell him I hope he gets better soon, and to get out that origami book! ;)

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