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This should piss off Casey: INDUCE act targets iPods
Previous | Next by Septimus 09 July, 2004 - 4:20 AM

Here's a link to the site where you can fax your Senator for free.

JUNE 28, 2004: The INDUCE Act is legislation being pushed by the record industry that would allow them to file lawsuits against companies that make unrestricted music hardware or software, such as the iPod or filesharing programs. The INDUCE Act will restrict technological innovation, limit free speech, and threaten one of the most vibrant sectors of the United States economy. Instead of taking advantage of new opportunities to build new business models, the record industry is pressuring Congress to stop music sharing with more lawsuits and regulation.

7/9/2004 >> Casey

This should piss off everyone. Technically, any computer you might use to upload a cd you legally purchased could be subject to this law. It could mean an attack on mix-cds.

7/9/2004 >> Septimus

But isn't it nice that the first device that they name is made by your butt-buddy Jobs? ;)

7/9/2004 >> ralph

well, it makes sense to mention the industry leader first, doesn't it?

7/9/2004 >> ben

to the canada mobile!

7/9/2004 >> ben

all the kids of the representatives won't let this pass, hehehe

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