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Wohooo! And woe.
Previous | Next by pyrex 02 September, 2004 - 12:22 PM

W0000t! New computer up 'n' running. Only weird thing I've discovered so far is that when I hit ctrl+alt+del for the Task Manager, it opens for a split second then disappears. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

9/2/2004 >> pyrex

And also, I gave Windows + installable programs a 50 gig partition, but now I'm not sure how to format the other 200 gig partition.. :-/

9/2/2004 >> C Mo

Right click "My Computer" and click manage.

Then go down to "storage" and "disk management". You can create partitions and format them there.

Or you create it there and it shows up in My Computer and format it there. Aye Carumba, haven't done it in a while. But try that!

9/2/2004 >> pyrex

Um.. primary or extended? /feeling dumb

9/2/2004 >> pyrex

GOD DAMN MOTHERFUCK. Just my luck. Found out why task manager (and msconfig, and regedit) all quit a nanosecond after starting. Some asswipe malware somehow found its way onto my computer already. The only pages I navigated to except this was the sound recorder flash (link-o-matic) and Fuck me in the ear this is annoying.

9/2/2004 >> pyrex

OK. FUCK. That shit got wayyy out of control, nothing could stop it. Reformatted, got everything going again, went online, got FireFox. THANK YOU INTERNET you big shit.

9/2/2004 >> pete

And you're running Windows again because..? (^_^)

9/2/2004 >> muhgcee

When I had a job and had to install Windows, I created a policy of physically unplugging the network cord until I installed most of the updates from CD. Bad security? Well, yes, but that isn't the reason. Popularity of Windows making it the hacked OS of choice? That is more like it.

9/3/2004 >> ben

wrong wrong wrong... but not by a lot, hehehe

9/3/2004 >> pyrex

Ok.. So the WinXP disk I have is from a friend. It has SP1 merged into it, and I think that's what's causing this, because IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. Happy funtime Peter staying up late when I get home from the uni dinner, w00t!

9/3/2004 >> ben

try adaware/spybot?

9/3/2004 >> pyrex

And still I need to know: primary or extended? The 'other' half of the HD I mean. I'm guessing extended..?

9/3/2004 >> rich

extended and create a logical disk inside of it. It really doesn't matter though. You can have up to four primary partitions. You just can only boot from primaries I think.

9/3/2004 >> pyrex

Just can only boot from primaries? So does that mean I can _only_ boot from them and not do anything else with them? Wtf, maaaaaate. All I want is the other 200 gigs to become a nice, normal, usable storage drive.

And ben, don't think I didn't try adaware. It stood no chance The virus or malware of whatever the hell it was just re-spawned itself when I hit up the 'net connection. Have WinXP minus any SP running now, I'll see how I can get the packs installed with this erm.. personal version.

9/3/2004 >> pyrex

And also, I think I figured out what was causing this instant mal/adware attack on my comp every time I got all the hardware set up and what have you. I installed WinXP, and all the motherboard stuff, but now that I haven't used the graphics card CD, I have no problems! WTF KINDA CUSTOMER TACTIC IS THAT, you god damned a-holes. Fekk.

9/4/2004 >> rich

you are thinking about this way too much.... just do what I said and create an extended with a logical disk inside of it.

9/4/2004 >> ben

wouldn't everything be easier if everyone just did what rich said all the time? hehehe...

9/7/2004 >> ryan

I built two CD's at work that include all Windows service packs (most recent) and all patches released to date since 2001. We require all admins to patch off-line before plugging into the LAN. Any system caught scanning (e.g. infected with a virus) is required to be formatted before the network jack is enabled.

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