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what to eat before and after exercising?
Previous | Next by ben 26 September, 2004 - 5:41 AM

so i started working at Bally, but haven't gotten my free gym membership yet. i went to jamie's picnic yesterday, and realized that i haven't had much exercise at all in the last two years or so... i played football once, and threw some frisbees and footballs around yesterday, that's really been about it...

so i decided the first thing to do is start running. then i decided that i had forgotten all of the stuff i learned about nutrition and exercise in the intervening 4 years since college. so i went looking, and so far, has the best guide yet, with information about what to eat before and after exercising.

note to anyone with an actual interest in this: i googled for exercise before eating results and also found some articles on how intermittent exercise can be better for you than continuous exercise

there were others, but not quite as knowledgeable, i felt.

9/26/2004 >> sarah

which bally's are you at? is there one downtown? i've gotten pretty used to going to the gym here and realized that if we move back to b-more, i don't know where any are...

9/27/2004 >> ben

well, i work in the corporate IT office in Towson, across from the club there. there's also on in catonsville, just past the asian supermarket on 40. there's a "club locator" also on soon i will probably replace the button for artifact with a bally's button, hehe

9/27/2004 >> elfie

On a random note, I was informed today that we do not work at "Bally's." That's the casino, which is an entirely separate company now. We work for Bally Total Fitness, which can be shortened to Bally (singular, non-posessive).

9/28/2004 >> ben

oh really? interesting... no one else here seems to call it that, hehehe

9/30/2004 >> ben

uh, nope... still there.

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