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Previous | Next by typhoid 06 October, 2004 - 4:30 PM

My girlfriend of five years just left me for another guy. What a disaster. I was convinced we would be together forever.

10/7/2004 >> xtheowl

dude, this is a time to focus on the future

while you may feel depressed now, perhaps bitter a little later, you'll hopefully come around to feel that you have grown as a person through the relationship...

then it will be time to set sail in new waters, my man

10/7/2004 >> Dan

Been there done that got the t-shirt. She got married 2 months later.

Now for the rules:
1. You are allowed 1 week for mourning for every year of the relationship.
2. Go out and do all the things that she would get upset at you for. For example:
hanging out your friends she didn't like
leave the toilet seat up
burp and fart when you feel the urge
3. Go talk to one of the girls who your ex thought was a slut and prove her right.
4. Go talk to that pretty girl that you have always privately noticed but never really talked. Invite her out to dinner when you are ready.

Those are the rules, I did not make them up.

I just find myself much happier w/out her in my life. I hope you will find the same relief. If not destroy the things she gave you and mail them to her

10/7/2004 >> iceman

I went through that this summer.

My advice.
1. Watch the movie swingers.
2. Hang out wiht your friends(that helps alot)
3. Try to get involved in somethign to keep your mind off her. (in know its hard but it will help)
4. MEET OTHER PEOPLE.... trust me here i did not feel better till i met other girls.
5. Get drunk... dont become an alcholic but getting drunk never hurt a thing.

Once all of those things were completed i started realizing that she really wasnt the best girl in the world. It took me about two months then i met somone that i think is better then the girl i use to date.

It will take time man but you will feel better.

IMPORTANT: dont blame yourself.. it only makes it worse. you really just have to let it go. it doesnt matter whos fault it was.(even if it was hers...dont blame her) You really have to let it go and meet new people.

As for me after 2 months i felt alot better and i met a really nice girl, so im kinda happy that my old gf broke up with me. And you will be too, its just gonna take some time.

10/7/2004 >> typhoid

Everybody thank you for your advice. I’m very fortunate that my friends for the most part have been very supportive. Trying to rationalize this has been difficult. She did this with very little explanation. So, it’s a hard mental game to play.

10/7/2004 >> ben

meh, don't play the mental games, it's not worth it in the long run...

you, me, Brewer's, sunday... Ozzies on me all night.

and you can drink some too this time, i promise

10/7/2004 >> typhoid

Ill try to keep up ;-)

10/8/2004 >> Pie

I'm sorry. Girls are bitches. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. & I'm allowed to say it.


It gets better. Everything happens for a reason. That's the last thing you want to hear, I'm sure. But if it's meant to be it will. If not, she was a valuable lesson. You'll see in time.

10/11/2004 >> Dan

What is unrealistic about leaving the toilet seat up :)

12/6/2004 >> typhoid

I really was hoping that she would want me back by now. Not to sound like a whiney bitch but it’s becoming kind of obvious that I’m not going to find anybody else. This really is terrible.

12/7/2004 >> Pie

Not true. It just takes time.

I'm sure you're tired of hearing that but it's true.

12/8/2004 >> typhoid

Yea I keep hearing that but its just not fading. I feel worse now then before and she is all I think about. I dwell on it all day, especially at work. I just think myself into a heinous feeling of absolute misery. Plus the idea of begging girls for dates over the internet is not that appealing. I live at home and I don’t make a lot of money so honestly girls simply are not interested.

I know this is really pathetic so ill stop if it’s annoying anybody.

12/8/2004 >> typhoid

Just to save everybody the hassle; Ill just get this over with.

12/8/2004 >> ben

have you thought about getting into bartending? does wonders for your sex life... and you make money

12/8/2004 >> Pie

It's not annoying. I'm sure everyone here has been in a similar situation at some point in their lives & yes, it sucks. Ebe yiye. It will get better.

1/27/2005 >> typhoid

Hurrahs; I finally met a new girl.

1/27/2005 >> ben

you are teh win... so... yeah? bring her out tonight to goodlove?

1/27/2005 >> typhoid

I wish; I have to work tonight. But we should all hang out this weekend; I know we are going to go see that movie “million dollar baby” tomorrow. You should come along.

1/27/2005 >> typhoid

And by we I mean my friend Rob will is going to so it’s not like you would be tagging along on my date.

1/27/2005 >> ben

i like the idea of tagging along your date... i get an image of spraypainting the side of her leg with my gang symbols, hehehe

1/28/2005 >> typhoid

Heh, I have some paint.

Did I use that word out of context? I’m sure you got the idea. Anyway I have to work tonight “mandatory overtime” so Saturday night we should all hang out. Shorties maybe ? Ill give you a call on Saturday.

1/28/2005 >> ben

sounds like a plan, i think i might be free

1/29/2005 >> muhgcee

good, 'cause usually ben is pretty pricey.

1/29/2005 >> Pie

Congrads on the find, T.

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