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well everybody's heard a-bout the bird
Previous | Next by pyrex 15 November, 2002 - 7:00 PM

Aaaaaand I'm back. From the Canaries. Well well, wow. Luverly time indeed. So, what I did:

1. Sunbathe at the beach and by the hotel pool

2. Drink

DONE! Time to go home!

Funky place we stayed at, my friend and I. It was a 2-room aparment, o-so-cheap. And nicely enough there was a cleaning staff coming every day tidying stuff up, doing the dishes (o-not-so-well) and the such. So all we had to do was go out and spend money.

Alcohol was so very nicely cheap and accessible. The drinking age limit was 18, as is here (but not in the same way) and alcohol was just about everywhere (VERY different from here, even though it's probably got a tighter grip on our culture). So yeah, drunk a lot every night. Especially the last night, more on that later.

The only really annoying thing about the place though was the entire touristy feel of it. Ok, so the islands' main income comes from tourism so I guess I shouldn't have been too annoyed, but still. Outside every restaurant or bar was an "info person", wearing a neon-yellow colored jacket with the word "INFO" printed on the back. Their job is to attract you to their place. They say things like "it's happy hour all the time, come in and get a free shot!" The free shot being about 3/4 of a normal, western-culture, shot, and consisting of candy schnaps. Wowie. But the beer was good. O yeah.

And then there were the "underground" info people. They didn't have the fashionable jackets, and were usually employed by 'private' strip joints. Can't believe we fell for one of those places. Of course, once they start demanding more money than the entrance plus 'free' drink fee, we got the hell out.

The last night got pretty crazy. Being the crazy nords we are, we had been looking for a particular type of well-known alcohol here in sweden, absynthe, but heard it was illegal. The place we went to for that last blowout night was infact a nordic bar, and when we asked for the strongest stuff they had we got what we wanted. And lemme tell ya, this stuff's crazy. It's 70%. Yeah, crazy. Bartender made an absynthe-coke drink for us, and since we forgot it was happy hour (2 for 1) we got 2 of them each.

So lemme see how much I remember after finishing that last one.. I danced, then I'm walking home, then I'm taking off my shoes, and suddenly it's morning. Tried to hop out of bed to catch a shower before the bus to the airport, whoah, still drunk. Flew around the room stuffing.. stuff into my bag and *fwoom* we're off on hour 5 hour trip back home.

Arrived at home after 2 hours of public transporting. House was freezing. O yeah, turned off the heater before I left, crap. Climb into bed with my clothes on, and ahhhh.

And that, kids, is how I got a lot of sun and lost a week of november, 2002. Whee!

I know, kinda random, but thanks for reading if you got this far.

11/17/2002 >> robin

Peter, sounds like you had a BLAST! Good for you :) Sometimes sun in the fun does a world of good....

11/17/2002 >> pyrex

O, hells yeah. It was badashell. Good thing I went, even though my wallet really doesn't like being beaten like that, but oh well. Only live once, eh? And I'm out of my 'ambient depression' thank god. Even though things seem crappy around me a lot of the time, I'm gonna keep myself up. A-whee!

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