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Anyone else watch Smallville?
Previous | Next by elfie 22 October, 2004 - 5:35 AM

I know Ben does, because he calls me every time he has a question about the show, but does anyone else here watch Smallville?

I particularly enjoyed this week's episode, featuring Impulse. Yeah, they advertised it as The Flash, but the kid's name was Bart Allen, who is Impulse in the comics, or more recently Kid Flash. Anyway, I thought this episode was great and that all the DC references were well placed. Bart had fake IDs for Wally West, Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick (all of whom where The Flash at one point) and at one point he suggested he should go form a group... or a LEAGUE. hehehe

Anyway, the big thing that I wanted to point out to anyone who cares... is about Lana's new boyfriend. I totally didn't pick up on this before, but I noticed tonight that Lana called him Jason. Since this show LOVES making DC references (did you know that the woman who plays Martha also played Lana in Superman 3 and that the guy who plays Lex is the voice of the Flash on the Justice League Cartoons?), I started wondering if perhaps this Jason was a particular Jason. So I pondered "Wait, his name is Jason? Have they ever mentioned his last name?" And Pie informed me "I think the kids at the high school call him 'Coach T.'" Can anyone say Jason Todd? Holy fallen birds, Batman.

10/22/2004 >> Pie


Michael Rosenbaum is shiny.

10/23/2004 >> elfie

*giggle* yes, well... glad SOMEbody cares ;)

10/24/2004 >> ben

welcome to my posts, hehehe

apparently i can't write in the early hours

10/24/2004 >> Samantha

I watch that show!! It's really weird, though! I like 7th Heaven the most. Does anyone else watch that?

10/24/2004 >> ralph


10/24/2004 >> Samantha

Hey ya'll! Sorry I haven't posted on here for awhile! I missed you guys!

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