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Previous | Next by typhoid 22 October, 2004 - 9:57 PM

People, its weird times... First I went to Sonar on Friday to meet up with this woman I meet on She grew bored of me after a short while. Then no longer than say an hour or so after I ended up in a grudging match with a group of Sonar Nazis. Very weird stuff; this woman had a tattoo of the Nazi eagle on her chest. I don’t recall how the grudge match started. Ether way Ben is the man, he had my back. Thank you everybody for helping me with this incident.

10/23/2004 >> Casey

What is a "grudging match"?

10/23/2004 >> ben

it's some neonazi skinhead wannabe fucker trying to tell my friend that he doesn't belong in a bar where he (my friend) has been coming for ~4 years.

10/23/2004 >> ben

props to Dan too, for bein ready to throw down at a moment's notice

10/23/2004 >> typhoid

I don’t even really recall how this happened. Silly shit, at least no body was hurt. Just another odd experience to chuck on the list. I would never say anything rude to a stranger, very weird.

10/23/2004 >> typhoid

This whole incident was very humiliating; this group of men and women insisted that I leave. They said that I don’t belong there; they all pointed and laughed at me like I’m some kind of fucking joke. I did not resist, I should have put up a fight. I feel like a coward, I doubt Ill be going back to Sonar again.

10/23/2004 >> iceman

what did the girl look like who was on

10/23/2004 >> typhoid

She was cute, maybe I was a little off when I say she was bored. She was there with her cousin who obviously was way out of her scene. She actually called me this morning and said she had a good time

10/23/2004 >> Casey

Aha! now it all comes together. I misunderstood your initial post because I thought by "this woman", you meant the woman you went to Sonar with was the one with the Nazi eagle on her chest. Okay, so you went to Sonar with a black girl, you are probably white, and if there is anything Nazis hate more than Jews it would be interracial couples. So they hassled you, you got a little scared, but good people like Ben and Dan and ilk were all ready to back you up. I'm guessing that put a damper on your date and it ended earlier than you hoped. Who left Sonar first? You or the Nazis?

It doesn't make sense to me that they'd even be there at all. I mean, Sonar? A soft-techno club run by a gay post-raver? Not exactly a skinhead sorta scene. I expect these punks decided to go someplace they could easily find some people to hate. You were the perfect ideological target unfortunately. I wouldn't let it put you off Sonar for good though, I seriously doubt they'll show up again soon.

10/24/2004 >> iceman

well she called back ..... id say thats a very good sign!

10/24/2004 >> neil

This shit is still going on? :(

As I understand it, this is why there is no more ultraworld night and therefore rarly any house at sonar. Too much trash coming in from the other bars like hammerjacks.

10/24/2004 >> typhoid

I don’t know guys, lately when I go there I get the impression that I’m the outsider. It’s true I have been going to Sonar for years. But the people who accosted me sure were having a lot more fun than I was.

10/27/2004 >> sarah

you know, unless i'm misreading this entire situation, i find it very interesting that you were getting harassed by some nazi-esque fucks who choose to patronize a club owned by a jewish homosexual.

i'm sorry this happened. that's a really shitty turn for any evening to take.

it's funny that i've recently been doing some casual reading about the use of the internet by social movements online as a result of a paper that a professor of mine wrote recently. she compared and the folks at certainly have some interesting ideas. you wonder how pervasive they really are. if you're interested here's a link to Dr. Hara's paper.

10/27/2004 >> Dan

A Little Quote


10/27/2004 >> ben

that's the second time i've seen a link to stormfront in 2 days, the other was on tribe... weird. and no, you're not misreading, they really were there

10/27/2004 >> Casey

oh cripes. ya'll might want to warn us that is a white supremacist site. Clicking that shit at work could get people in trouble (like me). Frankly I'm surprised that winproxy didn't block it. yikes.

10/27/2004 >> sarah

oops! i'm so sorry. somehow i've gotten into a research mentality (i.e. that anything weird/offensive that you're looking at, well...usually besides porn is for research purposes)

hope it doesn't get you in any hot water! and just for the record is a white supremacist organization site - very offensive. my deep deep apologies - i should have warned you all.

10/28/2004 >> ben

i'll unlink it, if you don't want it as a link?

10/28/2004 >> sarah

sure. whatever you wanna do, ben. i'm cool with unlinking - it's very easy to get to otherwise if someone wants to see it...

10/28/2004 >> ben

i'm easy, just saying, if it would make people complain less, wink win

10/28/2004 >> ben

ok, i de-linked it, and i fixed your moveon link... you forgot the a href= part, hehe

truth to tell, i thought most people knew about Stormfront, i thought they were as popular (to make fun of) as

10/28/2004 >> sarah

cool, ben. thanks. i just assumed that was common knowledge as well. but i'm not sure why i made that assumption.

also, can we possibly set it up so that we can go back and edit our comments? i make various kinds of typos all the time and it's embarrassing.... :) nice to be able to go back and fix 'em when i make 'em (or, you know. i could do something silly, like proofread....)

10/28/2004 >> ben

that's not a bad idea, since you have to be logged in to comment

10/29/2004 >> muhgcee

I'd say though if you edit your comment, make it say "(edited)" somewhere, so people don't get in the habit of saying that they said something when really all they did was go back and change their comment.

10/29/2004 >> Casey

As a chronic typo-ist, and comment quoter, I second both notions (the ability to edit comments, and a resulting mark of such action).

10/29/2004 >> sarah

i also like both ideas

10/29/2004 >> ben

i would hope you'd at least like the one you suggested, ;) hehe

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