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Hunter S. Thompson
Previous | Next by Casey 25 October, 2004 - 5:24 AM

This guy is the shit. He is the only baby boomer left, who can still claim the title of being the shit. His shizzle sizzles. Oh and he has endorsed John Kerry for President.

In other news, I just voted by absentee today. I endorse Michael Badnarik for President. I will continue to do so untiil a major party candidate starts making real moves to end prohibition.

10/25/2004 >> Casey

Wow, even The American Conservative is against Bush.

10/25/2004 >> ben

interesting that they have though... only in hopes of getting Senator Kerry to make a fool of himself so they can push someone the like better than President Bush in 08

10/25/2004 >> ralph

yeah, that's a theory that I was discussing with a friend of mine a few months ago....that Kerry will look like an ass as well so that the Republicans will come back even stronger next election.....oh well, still neither one of them is getting my vote....

Badnarik gets mine as well.

10/25/2004 >> muhgcee

Voting Nader here . . . but I don't think Kerry will look like an ass if he gets elected.

10/25/2004 >> ben

personally, i don't know enough to predict what he could do, but i'm still wavering about which of the not-Bush candidates to vote for, hehe

10/25/2004 >> typhoid

Ill watch it, I think it sounds interesting.

10/25/2004 >> typhoid

Damn, wrong thread

10/25/2004 >> typhoid

Ideologically I don’t have any beef with Kerry; he needs to walk a thin line in order to appeal to typical Americans. But I believe him to be a rather decent progressive politician. So he will get my vote. (Obviously I would much rather have scene Dean)

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