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i sorry?
Previous | Next by pyrex 05 November, 2004 - 6:42 AM

11/5/2004 >> Dan

Too fucking funny.....

11/5/2004 >> Casey

I'm submitting a picture tonight,

11/5/2004 >> pyrex

I'd _really_ like to see that, since the only picture I really have.. um.. embossed on my brain of you right now is:


11/5/2004 >> Pie

I want to submit a picture!!

11/5/2004 >> Casey

That is the best fucking picture I have evar seen of me selfin self. Since the site seems to have been sold to some spammination or something maybe there is no place to post to, but if it comes back pyrex, I officially give you full peotic photoshop privledges to use my image as long as you say something witty and nordic sounding along the lines of being an American apologist.

The red eyes make me look especially raving. More of that. The pancake on the head is a bit too much on the fark meme tip though. If you want to go that route maybe morph me with jedi kid or "its a trap" amphibian rebel commander guy. That or maybe Cats of "all your base" fame.

11/5/2004 >> Casey

Here's some more material to use in the new photoshop contest. The link goes directly to halloween pics. Notice links above for other family pics.

11/6/2004 >> ben

that guy who went as the irish wolfhound had the best costume EVAR!!!11!1eleven! heheheh

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