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There's only one word for it...
Previous | Next by Casey 28 December, 2004 - 6:16 PM

and its Numanuma

12/29/2004 >> muhgcee

That is the greatest thing on the Internet in about a week.

12/29/2004 >> ralph

I must have watched that like 5 times last night....I love it.

12/29/2004 >> elfie

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH oh god I think I peed myself

12/29/2004 >> elfie

...... though I notice that the audio synchronization is completely fucked at the end. that's sad.

12/29/2004 >> ben

hiya hiiiiiiiiiii

oh god that was good... i'm going to have to play that at the party

12/30/2004 >> Casey

He actually looks alot like a guy I used to work wiith. I should ask him.

12/30/2004 >> elfie

Pie says "maybe he just recorded it bad" but I still keep searching for a version that doesn't get all discombobbilated at the end :'(

12/31/2004 >> ben

brooke found the wmv of the original... 41%

1/2/2005 >> elfie

so... 100% yet? eh? eh?

1/2/2005 >> ben

i honestly don't remember writing that... wow

1/4/2005 >> elfie

um. so... does that mean you do NOT have the original? :-(

1/4/2005 >> ben

er, yeah, she said it's not the original, but there are apprently hundreds of versions of this floating around... you'd have to get with her on this topic, as she is the only person i know claiming to have seen the original video, hehehe

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