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How would you live another life?
Previous | Next by pyrex 09 January, 2005 - 11:24 AM

Alter Ego

Phew. I just died playing softball in a senior's team, was filthy rich and left all my possessions to "som obscure charity".

1/10/2005 >> elfie

After failing to do nothing more than kiss during a pubescent game of "seven minutes of heaven," I got a late start on my romantic life. The girlfriend I met in college left me during our engagement because I was leery of her proposed pre-nuptual agreement. I spent the rest of my life too focused on finding the perfect relationship. Though I had a promising career, I never really took it anywhere. I briefly dated a nude model, but finally settled down with a nice girl I met at the office. Unfortunately we were too old to concieve, so we adopted one son. Sadly, on my ONE night "out on the town," my wife caught me (nothing happened, I swear), and divorced me. Noone would have me after that, and I died alone on my boat. My small fortune was left to my son.

Fairly early on in this one, I kinda gave up and just wanted to see what the buttons did. I'll try again later and see if I can actually live to see my grandchildren. :)

1/10/2005 >> muhgcee

OK well I don't feel like going through that again . . . I was kidnapped, tortured, and killed as a child.

1/10/2005 >> ralph

hahahaha, you got in the car???? wow, I thought I was dumb when I drank the household cleaner!

1/10/2005 >> muhgcee

No I just told the guy that I wasn't getting in, he forced me in the car.

1/10/2005 >> Pie

That's OK, muhgcee - I was kidnapped too. But my guy got busted for having a broken headlight & I lived.

1/10/2005 >> elfie

Yeah, but then you got pregnant in college!

I guess your daughter is turning out okay, though. She's dating a boy with a nose ring.

1/10/2005 >> Pie

Look High-School-Mono-Boy, don't talk to me about my college pregnancy! I was given a $50,000 gift from a crazy lady who lived in an alley. All YOU did was get a pimple on your pecker.

1/10/2005 >> ralph

uh oh jamie.......sounds like you and i are following the same path......i had the pecker pimple and mono as well........did you drink the bleach too?

1/11/2005 >> elfie

Nah, I was smart enough to head for the fridge instead of the cabinets.

1/11/2005 >> Pie

I just lived a long healthy life, my daughter got married & my husband & I adopted a little boy. Even as an old man my husband went back to college & graduated. I left all my possessions to my kids & I died warm & happy.

Go me.

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