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TiVoToGo? Not so much...
Previous | Next by elfie 10 January, 2005 - 5:07 AM

I had been looking forward to January for about a month now, because January was when Ben would take my old Series 1 TiVo off my hands, giving me justification to purchase a second Series 2 TiVo. The goal of this venture was to take advantage of TiVo's much advertised Multi-Room Viewing combined with their recommended wireless networking add-on. From their website:

Watch what you want, where you want!

Get more viewing choices from any room. With multi-room viewing, you decide not only what and when to watch, but also where to watch!

Kids watching the downstairs TV? No problem - just transfer your favorite recordings to the upstairs TV!


Not so. I call shenanighans.

Between my two TiVos, I now have an advertised 120 hours of recording space. If I record everything at best quality, that leaves me at about 40-50 hours of recording space, which is still far more than I'll ever need, so of course I record everything at highest quality. With that much video detail, each half hour of television takes up a good amount of hard disk space. I don't know exactly how much, but I'd estimate about a gig. A gig per half hour.

Where's the problem? The only wireless they support is 802.11b, which is signifigantly slower than 802.11g. Let's say I recorded a two-hour program on TiVo A and I now want to watch it on TiVo B. How long do I have to wait if I want to make sure the show doesn't get paused waiting for the download? My experience says about six hours. That's rediculous. By then, those "kids watching the downstairs TV" will have gone to bed. By then I will have gone to bed.

Perhaps if I ran some ethernet under the carpet and got gigabit network adapters for the TiVos? Not quite as convenient as the Wireless solution they advertise so much, but at least it'd be fast, right? Too bad TiVo doesn't support any gigabit network adaptors. Actually, I'm not even sure that external (USB) gigabit adapters exist. I can't find any with a cursory google search. Looks like I'm still stuck deciding at time of scheduling which shows I'm watching on which tv.

Multi-Room Viewing. Cool idea in theory? Yes. Viable with their current technology? No.

1/10/2005 >> muhgcee

1/10/2005 >> Pie


Well it's not like Miescha is always watching TV in the living room. It's a nice idea, the multi-room viewing, but we don't really need it right now.

Not that that helps...

1/10/2005 >> elfie

muhgcee... I see nothing on there about multi-room viewing capabilities.

pie, no we don't NEED the multi-room viewing, but sometimes we want to be in the living room, but the only shows we have recorded are in the bedroom... or vice versa... I guess we should just get off our butts and MOVE in such cases ;-)

I'll just chalk it up to a failed exercise in convenience

1/10/2005 >> Septimus

Could you hook up a USB drive then carry it to the other TiVo?

1/10/2005 >> muhgcee

1/10/2005 >> elfie

muhgcee. I see where you are pointing, but that's pretty much the exact same claim that TiVo made and failed to deliver on. I'd have to see some technical details (and prices) to be convinced.

1/10/2005 >> ben

"I'll just chalk it up to a failed exercise in convenience "

so, TiVo 2's Wireless = The Segway?

1/10/2005 >> muhgcee

prices = way too expensive haha

1/10/2005 >> elfie

ben, the wireless in and of itself is convenient because I don't have to run wires and it can download the tv listings without using a phone line... what = The Segway is the Multi-Room viewing. However, unlike the segway, I think one day this WILL be viable.

1/10/2005 >> Pie

I was just saying... we don't NEED it.

Maybe it'll be more reliable when moving to another room is more of an inconvenience.

1/10/2005 >> elfie

Like when we're OLD and FAT and LAZY? :-D

1/10/2005 >> Pie

I thought we were already... I was talking about when there were stairs & chirrens involved.

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