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Norton Hacks
Previous | Next by elfie 09 March, 2005 - 4:22 PM

Okay, I've done some google searching, but I can't find the answer. Anyone know what registry entry (or what) that I need to edit/delete in order to get Norton Internet Security 2004 to "forget" the date I originally installed it? I want to restart my update subscription.

I suppose since it's been a year since I installed it, it's really time for a full system wipe anyway, but I just feel like doing something other than sit on my computer this weekend. :p

3/10/2005 >> Dan

My first sugestion is to destroy the CD and related files and never use that program again. But if you inist on tortuing yourself I have the necessary files and instructions. They are small enough to e-mail. So drop me a line and I'll send them.

3/10/2005 >> Dan

I guess I should explain your subscription period for updates is tied to your CD key. Thus you need a new CD key plus a few extra steps to make everything work.

3/10/2005 >> elfie

The only thing I use it for is the spam blocking for email and ad blocking for websites. I've got a hardware firewall, so I don't use theirs. I will drop you an email when I get home for retrieving the instructions.

3/10/2005 >> ben

how about for spam blocking and maxthon/firefox for ad blocking?

though i have been using IE mostly, and with just the google toolbar, i haven't had problems.

3/10/2005 >> elfie

by ad blocking, I did not mean pop-ups. I meant banner ads and whatnot that show up ON pages.

and I've seen the way knowspam works... and I'm not a fan.

3/10/2005 >> Dan

For add blocking I just tweek my hosts file and the the IP address for know add sites to the local loopback address.

For spam blocking I don't use any tools. If I know the person is savy and is not prone to getting their address book compromised via some virus they get my real e-mail address. Otherwise they get my hotmail addy or addy. I also found a nice little tool that encryps e-mails addys on web pages that actually works properly with IE 6 and all other browers so that robots can not grab your e-mail from web pages.

Besides everyone knows how large of a a dick I have (er am) and they don't send me offer for penis enlargement pills :)

3/10/2005 >> ralph

ohmygod. ben just recommended firefox. I converted him! Go me!

3/12/2005 >> jay

You used to be able to just re-install Norton products and they would restart subscriptions (as recently as 2002...I haven't used one since then). Might be worth a shot.

Yeah, I agree with Ben here though. Get Firefox. Install the Adblock extension. Right click adds, and block their server. YAY

3/14/2005 >> elfie

No, re-installing didn't work and neither did the instructions that Dan sent me. Right now I've got the trial version installed and it's set to expire in about 10 days. I tried a crack that claimed to upgrade the Trial to the Full version, but that didn't work either. I decided that since all I use are the Spam filter and the Adblock feature, I'm perfectly open to alternatives. Where do I find this Adblock extension for Firefox? Does it work with the new Netscape? Can anyone suggest a good free spam filter that integrates nicely with Outlook 2k3 and is really simple to use? I don't want to have to log into a website to update my blacklist or whitelist. In fact, I'd like a single button click to say "no, this one wasn't spam" or "actually this one IS spam." Actually it'd be awesome if I could set it to automatically delete anything in the blacklist, but move "likely spam" into a folder for review. That's something I could never get Norton or the built in Outlook filter to do for me.

3/14/2005 >> Dan

Isn't it great getting ripped by "RENTING SOFTWARE"

3/14/2005 >> ralph

jamie, i have a copy of NAV corporate and NIS 2004...neither of which need a cd-key.... i could upload it to a server somewhere and let you take it and give it a shot if you'd like

3/14/2005 >> elfie

I already have a real version of NAV because I actually purchased SystemWorks. I also own a real verson of NIS 2004, which I purchased, but I purchased it a year ago and my "subscription" has run out so I can no longer get updates to it.

So yeah, thanks, but neither of those will help.

3/14/2005 >> ralph

yeah, i realize that but i'm thinking that since this is the corporate version w/no need for a cd-key, you may be alright.

3/15/2005 >> jay

As for your anti-spam, I use SpamBayes at home. Adds buttons to outlook, and 2 new folders.
Spam folder - Button for "not spam"
Spam Suspects folder. buttons for "this is spam" and "this is not spam"
Other folders - "this is spam" button

3/15/2005 >> elfie


Step 1) Uninstall NIS 2004
Step 2) Install NIS 2005 Demo
Step 3) Uninstall NIS 2005 Demo
Step 4) Install NIS 2004
Step 5) Subscription term is reset and I'm good to go until 2006

3/15/2005 >> muhgcee

Wow, they hired themselves some good programmers.

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