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Cherry OS is out!!! But don't get your hopes up.
Previous | Next by iceman 12 March, 2005 - 9:08 PM

After thinking cherry os may be good, it turns out that the dude that made it just stole pear pc's code. And is selling it for $50. This was the warning for no one to buy it....since its already free and called pearpc. (I still havent tried it yet though)

On a side note I would like to comment that I gave up my mac at work the other day. OS X just started pissing me off way to much to use it. Good ole linux saved the day!

As a question. How do you delete programs in OS X?....I found out that i couldnt get rid of safari because it controlls the internet options. And deleting it would be bad.

3/13/2005 >> ben

aihtsi: heh

3/13/2005 >> muhgcee

I agree with Ben.

3/13/2005 >> iceman

what does that mean?

3/13/2005 >> ben

all i have to say is

3/13/2005 >> muhgcee

I didn't know that, I was just agreeing because it didn't make any sense.

imho aihtsi lol

3/14/2005 >> Casey

Give me your old Mac. I don't even understand how you could not delete Safari. The only thing I can guess is that the account you use on that machine does not have administrator privledges for some reason. This would prevent you from being able to delete any app. Actually, since you didn't mention this little problem I doubt that is the issue at hand. The "internet options" located in the Safari preferences panel only applies to Safari. If you instead use Explorer or Firefox, they both have thier own internet options panel of some stripe. None of them controls anything to do with the OS or the way your comuter connects to the internet.

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