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good news, everybody!
Previous | Next by ben 15 March, 2005 - 3:29 AM

after my 5th or so time of forcing myself to watch Matrix: Revolutions (echo echo echo), i think it's all starting to make sense. at least, it was as i was trying to explain it last night. the w. brothers, in their rambling and incoherent manner, i think were trying to say that our strengths (and weaknesses) lie in the fact that we have choice. we must always choose an action (an essentially existential idea, though most existentialists take it much further than that, and do it in french), even if that action is to do nothing.

i was trying too hard to listen to what everyone else was saying that i forgot what neo was saying... he's got some of the simplest lines in the whole movie, which means that the writers weren't posturing or trying to flex their vocabulary too much - and trust me, they did at points.

anyhow, it's interesting to see it from an existential point of view, rather than a religious or technophilic one... this is why i like watching movies several times. you think about it differently, because, well, in between time a and time b, you've done more, so you're at least slightly different.

note, that waxing at the end of that last paragraph might have come from the fact that i spent a couple hours last night flipping through old high school notebooks. i gleaned 2 things from that: i didn't pay attention to school a lot back then, and BOY did i have terrible handwriting... i feel really really sorry for my freshman and sophomore teachers, hehehe

3/15/2005 >> Septimus

i think were trying to say that our strengths (and weaknesses) lie in the fact that we have choice.

And that's why Larry had a sex change.

3/15/2005 >> Pie

Nose bleeding... *gets a tissue*

Thanks for the overview, Ben.

3/15/2005 >> Dan

*Bitch Slap*

Once again people try to make some deep philosophical connection when it is not necessary. Its just there to make you think about possible meanings and allow you to draw your own conclusions. For example here are mine.

Chaos vs. Order and Chaos vs. Intelligent Design (which got me Darwinism chaos or is Darwinism intelligent design?) Casey, would you care to weigh in on that though?

Pretty much you can insert any two opposing view points into the position of the antagonist and protagonist and have a debate as to what it means to you. That is the beauty of it the movie can have a different meaning for every person.

3/15/2005 >> ben

i don't think that's the beauty of the movie, i think that's why so many people disliked it... their theme was so muddled by bad sophism and unfathomable dialogue as to be pretty much left open to anyone. so you don't find what they were trying to say...

i like hearing the author's point of view, not my own

3/15/2005 >> Dan

Is it what the author is saying or what you think the author is trying so say?

I listened the the constructors/oracles/agents yammering over and over until I under until I understood what was being implied. In the end it is just another good vs. bad movie. Replace what ever euphuism for good and bad that you desire.

Besides, what fun is it to be spoon feed some POV, then there is no deabte and worse no thinking. However, making people think about the meaning of the move leads to the viewers interjection of their only values and thoughts. Thus differnt people think the movie meant differnt things. And you know what.....most of them are right

Beside choice is irrelevant its belief that gives Neo his strength.

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