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Go me!!!
Previous | Next by Pie 15 March, 2005 - 9:57 AM

I know this wasn't exactly a topic of great discussion here, but some of you know that I have been looking for work for some time now.

Last week I had an interview with a small home building company in Parkville. The job was perfect: 32 hours a week, flexible schedule, close to the area we were hoping to move, close to Elfie's work, I can pick the days I come in, & it's doing work very much like what I had been doing at my last 2 jobs.

So today I got the call... "Can you start Monday?"

Go me!

3/15/2005 >> ben

awesome! congratulations!

3/15/2005 >> C Mo

Congrats! A good company to work for is hard to find.

3/15/2005 >> Septimus

Congratz :)

3/15/2005 >> elfie

Wooh! Score! Yay carpooling and lunches and saving for our house and whatnot. :)

3/15/2005 >> ben

murr... i've lost a lunch buddy, hehehe

3/15/2005 >> muhgcee

word. So what will you be doing there?

3/16/2005 >> Pie

I will be a liason between builders & customers. I'll coordinate with the builders & make any changes that the customer requires. I'll be consulting with mortgage companies on loans, making sure we have the money to continue the customer's house. & a variety of other things. But that's the gist of it.

Ben, you didn't loose a lunch buddy. It won't be everyday, I'm sure.

3/16/2005 >> elfie

Yeah and just because I'm lunching with Pie does not mean I can't lunch with Ben... and vice versa. So there :p

3/16/2005 >> ben

ok, i was just kidding... lord knows i have no problem having lunch with both of you... who knows, maybe there's a mongolian place in towson just waiting to be discovered, hehe

3/16/2005 >> Pie

Mmm... Mongolian Grill.

I need to know that there's an Indian restaurant up there somewhere.

3/16/2005 >> elfie

There is. I haven't been to it yet, but I think we're going Friday for lunch... it's right by Beltway Liquors... near the intersection of Joppa and Loch Raven.

3/17/2005 >> Pie

Mmm... Indian.

Is that the place we saw when we were looking at neighbourhoods? I said, "Oh look! Indian!" & we pondered on whether or not it would be a good place to eat.

Remember? You don't remember.

3/17/2005 >> Pie

Well, I got all my office supplies that I stole from my last 2 jobs all sorted & ready to go. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of set up I'll be working with. I don't know if I'll have a computer, I don't know if I'll have email or the internet. I know I've got a desk, there was mention of an office. I just don't know! LOL. It's not like i have alot of stuff just some stackable desk shelves & a pencil cup. Some tea & a stapler.

I'm excited. A real job! Without the bullshit!

3/17/2005 >> muhgcee

without the bullshit only because you haven't started yet, right?

3/17/2005 >> Pie

Right. Bullshit will commence shortly after my arrival.

No. It's not a corporation. So I don't have to deal with the corporate heirarchies & politics & drama & BULLSHIT. I dealt with it from Home Depot for 3 long years. This is a nice tiny company, only a few employees. Been running for a good number of years. It's more likely to fold then go Inc.

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