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good thing i visited their site
Previous | Next by ben 16 March, 2005 - 2:03 AM

listening to NPR this morning, i heard a plug for charm city solutions offering "web development" services.

thinking, hrm, always nice to see what the rest of the city is doing, i went to check it out. now, i may only be a web developer, but i guess the term is pretty loose these days. note: yes, i'm being sarcastic.

first thing i noticed was yes, their banner is pretty fugly, the layout is cluttered. the second thing i noticed was that by "web development" they meant "bad web design". it's true, you can check their "web development" section. note: no, i'm not being sarcastic.

the last thing i noticed was that their entire site is in html. even their contact form submits to an html page (it's weird, i haven't seen something like it before). not like any kind of development site i've ever seen. i'm guessing they got some startup capital and went running from there, got a few clients and gave money to NPR. it's hard to find a good, small company doing web development in baltimore, but some companies are definitely trying to fake it...

that is all, i'm off to puke now.

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