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Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
Previous | Next by rich 17 March, 2005 - 9:32 AM

This guy is awesome

January 21, 1867 – An overzealous Patrol Special Officer, Armand Barbier, arrested His Majesty Norton I for involuntary treatment of a mental disorder and thereby created a major civic uproar. Police Chief Patrick Crowley apologized to His Majesty and ordered him released. Several scathing newspaper editorials followed the arrest. All police officers began to salute His Majesty when he passed them on the street.


3/17/2005 >> ben

i hear about him infrequently, he was pretty entertaining. he even showed up in The Illuminatus Trilogy!, as a reference to something, i forget what

3/17/2005 >> Pie

I read that whole thing but... who's this guy?

3/17/2005 >> rich

S.F. supervisors endorse plan to rechristen Bay Bridge after 19th century eccentric
He is exactly what you read. I heard of him for the first time today and find him fascinating.

3/17/2005 >> Dan

He was the original harmless nut job. That everyone just grew to accept.

3/17/2005 >> Pie

So... he was just this crazy guy that lived in San Francisco & thought he was Emperor? & everyone just catered to his rantings?

3/17/2005 >> found_drama

He's in my "Big Book of Weirdos"!

3/18/2005 >> ben

is that out? i never get to see it... and i hope i get to be in it too, some day!

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