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Previous | Next by ben 19 March, 2005 - 11:26 PM

sorry about anything that may have caused stupidity in your lives from this site... i'm having difficulty reconciling people vs. optimisism at this point, so i'm just deleting anyone that does something stupid until v4, when i hope to have as many bases covered, and... well... a free base worked out.

3/20/2005 >> sarah

perhaps not so much the cause of stupidity but more the result of it. sure glad i was @ home when i checked it yesterday though. :)

3/20/2005 >> Septimus

What did I miss?

3/21/2005 >> muhgcee

the discovery that AnarchyX is actually a login that is shared among many asshats. the posted some intentionally bad html as a front page post that had the effect of making the front page nothing but a picture of tub girl. I then took the site down, and Ben then had me took it back up. No new registrations for now, and as far as I know no more AnarchyX for now either. Oh and before that, AnarchyX posted something, not sure what, that pissed Rich off, which he made a comical story about. That is all down the memory hole though.

3/21/2005 >> Pie


What wonderful news.

Hope everything works out.

3/21/2005 >> elfie

So I take it this means that Ben did nothing with his vacation other than work on v4, right? ;)

3/21/2005 >> rich

I am glad someone got to read that. I was kinda proud of the story.

3/21/2005 >> muhgcee

Yeah, actually, I made him set up his web cam so I can check in any time of day to make sure he is either a) working on v4, or b) eating/sleeping

3/21/2005 >> Septimus

Tub girl is not easily amusing.

3/21/2005 >> elfie

Good job with that muhgcee. Make sure to crack the whip if needed.

3/21/2005 >> Pie

I'm so glad I don't know what tub girl is.

3/21/2005 >> muhgcee

If you feel really curious, do a google search or something. And have a brown paper bag next to the computer. Also, have your mouse ready on the "x" button.

3/21/2005 >> sarah

it is my humble suggestion that you not try googling for it. :)

3/21/2005 >> Dan

Well I haven't been deleted yet.......



3/22/2005 >> ben

the matrix has Dan

3/22/2005 >> jmcd303

Does this mean I'm going to have to stop lurking?

3/22/2005 >> ben


3/23/2005 >> jmcd303


whew, two comments in two days. I'm freakin' exhausted.

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

*gives you an e-backrub*

3/24/2005 >> Septimus

No e-tards please...

3/24/2005 >> ralph

wow......e-tard....there's a word i haven't heard in years.....thanks for the flashbacks septimus.

3/24/2005 >> ben

i'm thirsty

3/24/2005 >> Septimus

But of course.

3/24/2005 >> muhgcee

anyone got a spare e-helmet I could borrow for a few days?

3/24/2005 >> Pie

My neck hurts... I think I pinched a nerve.

3/24/2005 >> muhgcee

Would you like some e-cupuncture?

3/25/2005 >> Pie


3/25/2005 >> ben


3/25/2005 >> ralph

yeah, ben...i agree. completely.

anyone seen my candy necklace?

3/25/2005 >> ben

it came off in the speaker i think

3/25/2005 >> pyrex

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