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Victor Wooten
Previous | Next by ben 21 March, 2005 - 2:34 PM

I'm going to see him tomorrow night if anyone is interested, it's at the funk box, and he's one of the best bassists around. Kinda funky, kinda weird sometimes, (google around for "the loneliest monk" - awesome song).

if you need more than my word, he also used to be with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and you can check out his site for some track samples etc.

anywho, come along if you want, otherwise, be prepared for me to regale you in person with how awesome his show was.

3/22/2005 >> p373

Funny... my uncle (who plays bass professionally) is a good friend of his and did his webpage.

3/22/2005 >> ben

yay! pete's back! hi pete!

tell your uncle he kicks ass... hehehe

3/23/2005 >> ben

and Victor kicks ass... did you know he has 8 arms? he plays 3 basses simultaneously, while singing!

Seriously... the show was awesome. It was funny and funky (only 2 letters apart those two words, very close!), threw a lot of respect to other bassists, and they even played Kashmir... with a lead bass. Find me someone else who can cover that doen't suck ass, and they won't really be very close... because the guitarist last night seamlessly (withOUT seams damnit!) jumped into Hendrix and back out...

The show was part jam session, part concert, part tribute, part movie (the movie at the beginning, a la a DuClaw beer release was really funny). All in all, I thought it was great, even though I couldn't stay until the end. And, it's almost a year since my last great ticketmaster show (at least, one where I kept the ticket) - the Wooten ticket is now on my stair, next to my Mary Prankster ticket.
w00-10, as it were

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