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Look, muhgcee, it's your car!
Previous | Next by elfie 22 March, 2005 - 1:03 PM

can't show these pix

these either

3/22/2005 >> elfie

We were THIS close to flipping it for the plane crash scene when someone pointed out that 1) there was still fuel in the tank and 2) they still needed it semi-in-tact for another shot.

3/22/2005 >> ben

look, kevin made it into... a... shot!

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

that is awesome . . . I was just thinking about getting ahold of him to see how the film was coming.

3/23/2005 >> elfie

This is the last week of shooting. I believe the premier is going to be in September and last I heard, it will actually be out in local theaters for a little while.

Ben, those pictures aren't actually on (video) camera. He was just bringing the car over to use it as wreckage for the plane crash, but it ended up not happening, because as explained above, we couldn't flip it on its side, and we couldn't use it right-side-up, because it's the same car that got smushed at the beginning of the movie.

3/23/2005 >> elfie

Oh yeah, and if it wasn't obvious by the pictures... it still runs. :)

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

What's the name of the movie?

3/23/2005 >> ben

i was being... facetious?

3/23/2005 >> elfie

GhostWatcher 2... being the sequel to GhostWatcher.

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