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who is the best dj in the world?
Previous | Next by ben 22 March, 2005 - 6:48 PM

according to ishkur, you'll NEVER guess

3/23/2005 >> Septimus

Has any one actually heard his Uneasy Listening Vol 1? Sounds interesting.

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

OK, someone has to post a torrent file for that album.

3/23/2005 >> ben

i hadn't before, i'll try to find it now...

3/23/2005 >> ralph

speaking of torrents........what are some of the better torrent sites that people are using? I'm a big fan of I'll also use if i'm having problems finding something, but oink is about the best I've seen.

3/23/2005 >> ben

peter, who's hardly even lurking nowadays, used one in sweden... i can't find it in my gmail, i think he told me over ICQ... but he said it was very good

3/23/2005 >> ralph

peter left and took the new design with him?

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

"Sorry, signup is now closed. We only accept invited users." - Any way you can hook me up with an invite?

3/23/2005 >> ben

i have _most_ of it... i'm improvising the rest

3/23/2005 >> Dan

Must say its got good beets and not repitive flava.

3/25/2005 >> pyrex

You want torrents? I'll give you torrents *pumps fists*

3/28/2005 >> typhoid

I love oink as well, I think its one of the best music torrent sites period. But I had to bend over backwards to get my friend an invite.

3/28/2005 >> typhoid

I should get some more invites soon; just need to work on my ratio a bit.

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