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New iTunes backdoor opened a day after Apple closed it...
Previous | Next by Septimus 23 March, 2005 - 5:07 AM

"A group of underground programmers has posted code online they say will reopen a back door in Apple's iTunes store, allowing Linux computer users to purchase music free of copy protection. The release comes just a day after Apple blocked a previous version of the program, called PyMusique, in part by requiring all iTunes customers to use the latest version of Apple's software. In a blog posting, 'DVD Jon' Johansen said he had been successful at reverse engineering the latest iTunes encryption."

3/23/2005 >> Dan

Why bother.....that is just a cat and mouse game

This technique works for both ITunes and Windows DRM.

Buy the songs you want and download them.
Load up Nero or other CD burning program.
Create and Audio CD (MP3's will be converted to wav)
Do not burn the CD save it as a image ISO or NRG
Mount the CD image using you favortie CD image software. Nero 6 has this feature.
Convert the CD Tracks to MP3 (or OGG, WMA, FLAC) using any conversion program.

I'm still working on a batch script to do this for me via the Nero Command line.

BTW anyone play with Nero for Linux yet?

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

How is the sound quality? Any noticable degredation due to converting it twice?

3/23/2005 >> Dan

None, because its goes form 192K the default on both sites to 160K CD Audio Quality. Back to what ever you set the bit rate for 320 VBR 192 or 128. No audio CD is above 160K.

One might notice a differnece if there are high quality vinyl rips on the sites. But I'm not aware of Apple or MSN/Napster having things like this for download.

I did a few Junior Jack tracks that I got from MSN and I did a friends ITunes Collection. There were no problems and the DRM was gone.

3/23/2005 >> muhgcee

Hmm . . . I may have to test this out.

3/24/2005 >> Casey

Recording output off the sound card is pretty much the best, non-blockable way to get around DRM. Its a geek's solution so I doubt it will break the music industry. The only real problem is that it takes time, you have to actually play the music while recording it.

3/24/2005 >> elfie

casey, that's the solution I generally use. I've found that the burn-to-fake-cd method doesn't always work. Recording from the sound card always works, but as you said, it's a pain in the ass... especially if you forget to turn off ALL other applications that might make sound while you're recording.

3/24/2005 >> iceman

Wiat. People pay for music? Why, its free.

3/24/2005 >> iceman

wiat = wait

3/24/2005 >> muhgcee

Not always, when it isn't available on Bit Torrent.

3/25/2005 >> pyrex

But then you have Direct Connect and eMule and all them whatevers. Heeh.

3/27/2005 >> iceman


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