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and the sky was thick with torrents
Previous | Next by pyrex 25 March, 2005 - 12:33 PM

For months have I scoured the wastelands of the internets. I set out with but the clothes on my back and a sharpened twig. After countless battles with 1337 demons and hordes of script kiddies have I returned! My bounty of torrent sites follows..

ShunTV (sign-up required, but well-worth it)
Ridiculously good. Posts a lot of show episodes, documentaries, but no applications, music, games or anything all too.. un-legal (such as DVDs, pay-per-view, etc). Maintains a ratio system with wait times, the more you seed something you've downloaded, the better your ratio, the less you'll have to wait for torrents with wait times attached. Because of the ratio system, stuff is usually well-seeded, and initial uploaders are only people with 10Mbit+ lines so the speed is usually great. Nicest flock of pirate chaps I ever met.

The Pirate Bay (free-for-all madness)
Sweden's numero uno torrent site. Everything major you could want is available, new releases of stuff quickly find their way here. Most of the site is in swedish, but the icons and simple wording of everything should make it easy even for non-swedes. If you get stuck, post a comment describing what you're not quite getting and I'll translate.

TorrentLeech (sign-up required)
Uses the same framework system as ShunTV (I believe this re-usable system was developed and released by TorrentBits before they asploded). I think the wait time system requires higher ratios, but they put up good releases, and fast. Contains.. well everything from music to games.

#digitaldistractions (free-for-all)
Documentaries, cooking shows, Discovery shows, just generally fun-to-know stuff all in excellent quality.

Torrent Reactor (free-for-all)
Well.. you know about this already. Has tons of stuff, but is a slight pain in the ass to navigate and browse.

mininova (free-for-all)
The smaller brother of suprnova? It appeared a bit after suprnova bit the dust, and has quite an array of stuff.

TorrentSpy (free-for-all)
Not exactly sure how this works, but I think it covers several trackers. Searches usually turn up with good results.

btefnet (free-for-all)
Can you say TV shows?

#gamemp3s (free-for-all)
For anyone else interested in getting ahold of full game soundtracks. They also run a neat little DC hub.

And finally, just for fun:

Whose Line is it Anyway Torrents (free-for-all)
Just what the title says. Also has the original whose line torrents, and Drew Carey's Green Screen torrents. No real indication of seeders/leechers, but eh.. usually works.

3/25/2005 >> muhgcee

You are a man among gods . . . wait, I think I got that backwards.

3/25/2005 >> pyrex

Actually I stopped by Zeus' place on my travels, had a drink with him. Can't hold his liquor too well but interesting fellow.

Anywho, I'll update this entry if I find any more worthwhile sites.

3/26/2005 >> ben

ok, that more than made up for your absence, bravo, hehehe

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