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Improve your Playstation 2 experience
Previous | Next by elfie 28 March, 2005 - 4:05 AM

File under "what will the Japanese think of next?"
Few ever played the game Rez in the US. It was just a weird psychadelic shooter. Nothing of merit. But what we didn't know was that we were getting a greatly scaled-down version of a lovely new innovation in Japanese video-gaming technology: the Trance Vibrator.

"Oh my GOD! This game rocks! Here, you play." I handed him the controller but you'd better believe I kept that vibrator right there in my lap.

3/28/2005 >> ben

hehe, i remember this... pete showed it around the wrangle i think. i always thought of it as a way for gamers to get girls to participate, hehehe

3/28/2005 >> ralph

it was posted here as well.........over a year ago, at least

3/28/2005 >> pyrex

Hehe, older than.. stuff. October 2002, woo.

3/28/2005 >> ralph

wow, pyrex is making a repeat appearance! welcome back, man!

3/28/2005 >> pyrex

Damn straight. And I've always been on AIM y'know.

3/28/2005 >> elfie

pbht, yeah well I wasn't on here in 2002, so nyeh :p nevermind then

3/28/2005 >> pyrex

It's ok, elfie, it's still funny ^_^

What's even funnier is the comments. So easy to offend some people, heeh.

3/28/2005 >> elfie

What I wonder is whether they actually included instructions as to what you were supposed to do with the "Trance Vibrator" or if they just supplied it with the game and gave no other indication as to what its function was.

3/28/2005 >> pyrex

Beats me. Could ask my japanese friend if he's ever encountered it. But what else could you do with a vibrating black rectangular cube?

3/28/2005 >> ben

here's an interesting development WRT vibrating technology and sony

3/29/2005 >> iceman

I only put this in here because of ps2 news...Probably should have been its own post.

PS2 may not be able to be sold in america because of copy right infringment. Check out the story on

This is funny to me since I dont like sony that much. And the main reason i dont like them is because of their damn proprietary items. It all started out with beta....

3/29/2005 >> ben

yeah, that's the link i posted... no one pays attention to me... hehehe

3/30/2005 >> elfie

iceman, that's exactly the link that ben posted just above you. why does everyone always repeat stuff ben says? do they not read his posts?

3/30/2005 >> ben



3/31/2005 >> iceman

because ben is soo cool! I thought repeating what he said might make me cool too. But I only got flamed for it.

And no I dont know how to read.

3/31/2005 >> ben

hehehehehe, iceman, you're the one that's cool

man, that's topical and yet STILL an 80's reference and a bad pun... do i get extra points for that?

3/31/2005 >> pyrex

You get the Death Prayer Kitty!
A name I devised for this wonderful picture.

3/31/2005 >> iceman

Bonous points for EVERYONE!!!

I should have made my username ic3m4n bu iceman is just as good.

3/31/2005 >> ralph

iceman, you can be my wingman anytime.....

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