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Six Flags Great Adventure trip? KingDa Ka... mmm
Previous | Next by ben 28 March, 2005 - 11:30 AM

ok, so i was looking at the KingDa Ka coaster at Great Adventure in New Jersey... it looks super bad ass... some specs:

Max Acceleration: 0 − 128 mph in 3.5 seconds

Length: 3118'
Height: 456'
Drop: 418'

that drop is taller than the Statue of Liberty from torch to water...

so i totally want to go this summer. would anyone be interested in a weekend trip, maybe May or June? Ralph, is there transportation from your place to there? if not, you could come down here and we could drive up, or you know, whatever, hehehe.

I think if we get 20 or so people in a few cars, gas and tolls are cheap and we could get a group discount. I'll look into making an evite out of this.

on the other hand, my friends are getting married in June in Ohio... so the Top Thrill Dragster would be a good one to ride at cedar point. it's been known to make people wet their pants...

3/28/2005 >> Dan

I'd be down with that if they can reduce their number of yearly fatalites i think they had 5 last year. I had a few friends that went and got stuck upside down for over an hour last year.

3/28/2005 >> ben

down with which? 6 flags or cedar point?

3/28/2005 >> Dan

Not going to 6 flags

3/28/2005 >> ralph

damn, that is taller than the building i'm in right now........and i'm on the 43rd floor....shit

3/28/2005 >> rich

I almost soiled myself just looking at that. No way in hell you would get me on that.

3/28/2005 >> pyrex

This picture scared me especially. Really can't see myself going up, then down that. *shiver*

3/28/2005 >> muhgcee

I'd get on any roller coaster. The scariest ride I have ever been on was at Kings Dominion, the free fall thing. Dear lord . . .

3/29/2005 >> iceman

man 418 feet sounds like a nice little drop :)

I remember going to ceder point. That place was awesome!!!

3/29/2005 >> iceman

After looking at the pics....Thank you god for inventing roller coasters!

3/29/2005 >> Pie

Um... I am usually not afraid of rollercoasters. I'll get on anything.

But I'd probably pass out or pee myself once it got to the drop.

I've been up 15 stories on the Rip Cord (skycoaster), but this thingit is much, much higher than that.

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