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Finally Something worthy of posting
Previous | Next by Dan 28 March, 2005 - 2:06 PM

HFStival 2005 will be held in Baltimore at M&T Stadium on May 14th!

This years 2005 HFStival Line Up (so far):
Billy Idol
Sum 41
Social Distortion
Foo Fighters
Good Charlotte
The Bravery
Citizen Cope
Jimmies Chicken Shack
New York Dolls
Unwritten Law
They Might Be Giants
Louis XIV
Echo and the Bunnymen
The Stereophonics

Trancemission's Tent Featuring:
Crystal Method
DJ Rap

Tickets will be onsale Saturday April 2nd at NOON through Ticket Master outlets, phone, and web.

Tickets are $40 for General Admission, and $65 for Club Seats, plus Ticket Master charges of course.

3/28/2005 >> ralph

shit.......i may have to come down for Social D.......oh, and the Dolls! that worth the cost of admission plus the round trip???

3/28/2005 >> muhgcee

I thought the HFStival would consist more of Los Lobos and Enrique Inglesias.

3/28/2005 >> Dan

You forgot Ricky Martin......

But there will be a Pre/Post concert party at my place since I'm a short walk from the stadium.

Also Ralph if you needed some extra encouragement the next day The English Beat are playing.

That takes the weekend up to the OMFG level.

3/29/2005 >> ben

ralph, i already owe you 1/2 the cost of a trip (christmas present, remember?), for this, i'd be willing to cover the other half of the ride.

3/29/2005 >> ben

oh, and thank GOD it's not in DC anymore... that was a bitch and a half to get in and out of...

3/30/2005 >> elfie

It's sounding to me more and more like Pie and I will be there this year.

3/30/2005 >> Dan

Who is up for a party in the stadium parking lot?

3/30/2005 >> Pie

I've always wanted to attend a tailgate party.

3/31/2005 >> Dan

For those not willing to brave the line The pre sale is today at noon.

HFS.comrade Internet Pre-Sale Information
Start :: Thursday, March 31st, 12 Noon EST
End :: Friday, April 1st, 5 PM EST
Password :: FSTVLHON (not case sensitive)

Click here for the link to buy HFStival 2005 tickets

3/31/2005 >> ben

man, you're handy when it comes to the intarweb, hehehe

3/31/2005 >> Dan

I'm handy when it comes to other things too big boy :)

3/31/2005 >> elfie

got 'em... club seats. thanks for the presale tipoff

3/31/2005 >> ben

well, that's another forum altogether...

been back to that bar yet? hehe

3/31/2005 >> elfie

... x.X I assume you're not talking to me in that last message, ben?

4/1/2005 >> ben

oh, no, sorry, talking to dan...

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